Two Hearts

Paulus and Natasha’s pre wedding video by the ridiculously talented guys at Axioo is so incredible that I literally couldn’t wait to get it up here. Words almost fail me. The way the stills and the moving image merge seamlessly is just so perfect and the way music builds and builds to that incredible crescendo at the end is so moving! You seriously must watch this whole video…oh and I dare you not to cry.

Paulus and Natasha’s Pre-Wedding from Axioo on Vimeo.

Credit: Axioo


  1. Amber M

    WOW wow wow wow wow. I wouldn’t even know what to do if I had something that gorgeous documenting SO MUCH of us together! that video was beyond beautiful!

    So, when do you plan on announcing the contest where Axioo will fly anywhere in the world for free to shoot this for my, ahem, I mean the winner’s wedding? 😉

  2. I watched the whole thing, going, “I’m not going to cry! haha on you, Miss Rock n Roll!”

    And then when it was over I realized I was indeed crying.

  3. margie

    this video is super lovely. and i def will ask them to be my wedding photographer 🙂 4 thumbs up for axioo 🙂

  4. Post author

    Wumples – haha that’s what i thought too – they always get me those Axioo boys!
    Miranda – I thought the exact thing when I heard the music. One may be based on the other?
    Amber M – I would love to host a contest for Axioo (and win one myself!) that would be wiiicked as they seriously rock.

  5. Did you know that i have to pause and get *teary* and play and pause again…..gosh!!! I sooo luv this video too kat! im totally weak-kneed and dream something the same as this for my church wedding nxt year ehehehehhehe oh my oh my 🙂 thanks for sharing another inspiring work from Axioo! they ROCK so much!!!


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