Anyone remember what my favourite ever wedding dress was? Well to refresh your memory (or maybe introduce you for the first time) it was this amazing multi-coloured, multi-layered crazy gorgeous ‘Lustful’ dress…and I just found out it was custom made by Stephanie James Couture. I just had to share this vital piece on information with you all as I have had so many emails ever since I posted that dress asking who made it..and now you know.

I also started browsing Stephanie’s blog and wowzer has this girl made some crazy-gorgeous dresses or what? Check out this ‘Audrey’ dress as worn by Tiffany on her wedding day. Go check out Stephanie’s blog for so so so much dress gorgeousness, and photographer Ben’s blog for more of the glorious wedding!

Credit: Ben Blood via Stephanie James Couture


  1. Krystle

    Awesome, I have also just found out that Stephanie James has an agreement with two bridal stores in the UK to stock her dresses (see blog) and one of the stores is only 10 mins away in Romsey.

  2. This photographer is my roommate! I’m privileged to see so much of his work. It’s so amazing! Book him now before it’s too late!


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