Gothic Woodland

I just got back from meeting out wedding photography competition winners with my friend and photographer David McNeil. Vana & Damien are even cooler in real life than they are on paper. We got on like a house on fire and spent about 2 hours chatting non-stop! I will blog all about it later (including photographs) but I just want to share some gorgeous gothic inspiration with you first (as always, too many gorgeous images to share not enough time!) Get a load of these….

The gorgeous veil was supplied by Unveiled Bridal Designs

Credit: Red Leaf Studios


  1. Not to be a detractor, but having actually written a paper on a typewriter (in grade school, I’m only in my 30’s) I find this technology disconnect amusing. For one the color of the ribbon is the color of the type. Secondly a typewriter is not capable of different sized fonts excepting the IBM selectric which had “font balls.” Love the styling and imagery otherwise though!

  2. Post author

    now picky! hehe you sound just like my hubby when a computer thing on tv isn’t “right”! however the photos are fab so all is forgiven


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