For The Long Sleeved Lovers

We all love long-sleeved dress Brides right?  Yeah thought so…

Jenna, I saw these and thought of you…

Credit: Duston Todd


  1. thanks for the feature!
    just a quick suggested typo fix…my name is “duston”, not “dunston”…i’ll take anything but dunston! 🙂

  2. This is a long sleeved wedding dress unlike any other. It’s a shirt dress, really, and I’ve never seen one pulled off in such a lovely, fashionable way, let alone as a wedding dress! I’m incredibly impressed. Major kudos to this bride.

  3. I bookmarked it before I read the post through, and then laughed when I saw you had guessed that I would be in love with it. Absolutely darling.

  4. I love this look! I linked this post to my own blog, with full credit of course. I also checked out Duston Todd’s photography. Love it!


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