Have you visited Bakery yet? It is an amazing resource for bloggers like me, I love reading all their tips and tricks. If you’re an aspiring blogger or you just fancy reading something different for a change, then head on over.

This article on their today made me think…

Here’s what happens: You find a blog, love the blog, and tack it onto the numerous feeds in your Google Reader, categorizing it by industry and making cute little notes [or is that just me?]. You then check said feed daily, bulk up on all of your day’s recommended dosage of Inspiration, and forget it until tomorrow.

Here’s the problem: As a blogger, I recognize the need for community. And one of the easiest ways to gauge your community is through readers/commenters. So how do your readers who follow your feed tell you what they like/dislike if they’re not commenting b/c they rarely visit your site in actual formation?

I wonder if I have a load of readers who just see my via the RSS reader?  If so come say ‘Hi’ properly…I’d like to meet you :o)

And just because I can’t post without an image…check out this little beauty I found yesterday while searching for my new haircut (getting the chop tomorrow on by birthday eeeek!)


Credit: Sorry I have no photographer credit, but the image came from here..yes that’s right, I was looking for an emo cut hehe!)


  1. Post author

    hehe there is no shame..but just come say hi! I want to know who you all are is all! hehee

  2. Hi (again!) I do check out every post you make! I’m just super busy so I rarely have time to comment on everything… Everything you do is MUCHO appreciated!!!

  3. Have you burnt your feed with It will tell you (accurately) how many readers you have and your “reach”, which basically means how many people are actually reading your stuff, not letting it build up unnoticed in their google reader window.

  4. another google reader here!
    girl you have the most beautiful weddings i’ve ever seen. when i get engaged in the fall i so hope my wedding is as amazing as these!

  5. Zoe

    Yep, rss reader here, mostly because I read blogs at work and if I was going to individual sites checking for updates it would a) be more time consuming and b) it would be more obvious that I was reading blogs!

  6. Post author

    haha that sounds sensible – me, i just baltently go on them at work! its nice to hear from you guys tho..dont be strangers!

  7. Ruth

    I’m a RSS stalker…sorry…I just never have much to say on comments – “yay loved it” seems a bit creepy if you post it five times every day 🙂 But I only found you yesterday and now religiously check my feeds for rocknroll goodness! =^.^=

  8. Hannah

    I’ve been guilted out of the shadows. I’m an RSS reader and LOVE your blog. It’s a feast for the eyes each and every day. It makes working in a gray cubicle better 🙂 Thanks for the daily dose of inspiration.

  9. Post author

    hehe guilt is not my goal…just spreading the love and knowing you all better hehe!
    im glad i make your grey cubicle days much brighter! wooop woop!


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