Seriously Sexy

Oh Balls!
I was totally going to log off my computer right about now and go spend some quality time with the husband..but then I found these!
I hope you appreciate all the time, effort and love I give you!

Seriously cute (doggy) but at the same time seriously sexy (the second photograph!)

Credit: Fuller Edge


  1. This is the coolest page! I love how you have all these photos layed out. So modern (and edgy)…, and yes, “sexy” with that second photo! How do I “follow” you???

  2. Post author

    Thanks! Glad you like it, and you found me :o)
    You can follow me in a number of ways, see on the left hand side of the site under ‘be my friend’? you can add my on facebook (i.e. join my group) or follow me on twitter. There is a link top left of the page called ‘subscribe to this blog’ which willa dd me to your rss feed. Happy browsing!

  3. The photos are fabulous, but I think my favorite part of this post is that it starts with “Oh Balls!”


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