Jeff Newsom Bends Light 1

I have blogged the ‘rad’ (his words not mine, I most defiantly can not put off ‘rad’) Jeff Newsom a couple of times before, twice in fact and both the weddings were freakin’ awesome!  So I thought it was time I revisited his Definitive Collection of Rad blog to see what was new, and boy am I glad I did.  I now have to bright, spangly new super cool weddings to share with you. 
I love his weird and wonderful use of light in these photographs.  Can anyone tell me how the hell he does that light around the couple thing?  It’s actually amazing.

Credit: Jeff Newsom


  1. i have found that video lights work the best, have even borrowed the videographer at the wedding! i’ve got some pics posted on my blog with the same effect (look for jenica and garrett under real weddings) =


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