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Design & Win Your Wedding Shoes with IF Ladies

win wedding shoes IF

Oh goodness have I got the best contest EVER for you today! The fashion giants that are IF Ladies (the ladies division of Iron Fist Clothing) would like to offer one very lucky Rock n Roll Bride-to-be the prize that might just make her wedding. How would you like to design your own pair of wedding shoes… and then win them to rock on your big day!?

I don’t think I really need to tell you who IF Ladies are. If you’re anything like me you’ve been lusting over their delightfully weird, wonderful and often ghoulish (the zombie stompers are still some of my faves) designs for years. But if for some crazy reason you haven’t yet been blessed with their wonder, have a gander at what they say about themselves…

win wedding shoes IF2

“IF is fun, loud and never says ‘I’m sorry’. Colorful and out of control, our prints are known the world over for bold and badass artwork, unique designs and details that rock. Breakneck and bold as hell, IF is full of over-the-top statement pieces ranging from footwear to apparel and accessories. We’ve kicked our fashion forward, giving out style that’s effortless insolence in a mundane world. The IF customer wants to shout out to the non-believers who she is and what she wants to be. She’s the adventure hungry teen climbing over the fence, and the media savvy chick who’s a hit on YouTube. She knows that what she buys makes her own lifestyle awesome, and tells others to do the same. She is authentic and knows what’s not up to par with her lifestyle. She oozes fashion and uniqueness from her pores. She likes what she likes. And she doesn’t give a shit what you think.”

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Flaunt It with Fur Coat No Knickers & Win the Dress of Your Choice from the New Collection!


In some ways I’m a terrible wedding blogger. I am ‘real wedding’ obsessed and I love to see the ins & outs of people’s actual weddings or read about their experiences, but in terms of what’s going on in the ‘industry’ I usually couldn’t give a toss. It’s also extremely rare that I ever get excited by anything to do with bridal fashion and I try to avoid fashion shows at all costs…sorry but they’re usually such a yawnfest. However when it matters, when someone actually does something new or exciting I do then get really passionate, chomping at the bit to feature it as soon as possible – often with a lot of extra exclamation points!

Laura & Emma of Fur Coat No Knickers have been long term friends of the blog. They loaned me dresses when no one knew who the hell I was and they always have Cava on the go when I pop into their central London boutique. We’re clearly a match made in heaven. So when they told me about their idea to create their own line of wedding dresses, inspired by their most popular genuine vintage styles but with the fuller figure in mind, I literally whooped with joy.

Introducing, Flaunt It


The collection is made up of five dresses, each designed with original vintage styles in mind. Laura & Emma have taken their combined experience of over 20 years in costume design (working on productions like the Lion King, Shakespeare at the Royal Shakespeare Company and shows at the National Theatre) and 5 years of owning their own vintage wedding dress shop and created this one of a kind and truly exciting capsule collection.

They say, “We love our vintage dresses. But the one problem with them is not being able to fit the more curvy figure. Vintage dresses are, by their nature, on the small side. Although we do search and search for more realistic sizes, there have been occasions where we just can’t help. We hated that. So we set about designing a new collection, that would be every bit as beautiful as all the dresses in our shop, but available up to a size 22. And that collection is called Flaunt It.”


“We based our designs on vintage dresses we have found and loved over the years, with shapes that are very flattering. Then we set out to find fabric that, when hanging in our shop next to the original dresses, didn’t stand out as being too modern. And with a mix of carefully chosen, beautiful lace, tulle and silk organza, we managed to achieve just that. We also wanted our customers to be able to customise the dresses, by taking away sleeves, adding different fullnesses of petticoats, coloured binding, sashes and headpieces and by tweaking the fit to the individual. Just like we do with the vintage dresses.”

“We did this shoot in our own shop and called up some of our past brides to model for us! We wanted to show how amazing these dresses look on real girls and not on models.”

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Win Your Wedding Photography with Robbins Photographic

win wedding photographs robbins photographic

I love that I can call so many of my regular contributors real life friends. It means that when it comes to sharing the amazingly generous and totally awesome special offers of someone I actually know and love offline, I can genuinely wax lyrical about how rad they are online.

Lee Robbins of Robbins Photographic is a wedding photographer from Brighton. I’ve featured his briz-illiant photography on my blog too many times to mention. His eye for detail and the way he see the world is so unique and oh so beautiful but totally and utterly bad ass.


robbins photographic free wedding photography2 robbins photographic free wedding photography4 robbins photographic free wedding photography5 robbins photographic free wedding photography6 robbins photographic free wedding photography7 robbins photographic free wedding photography12 robbins photographic free wedding photography14 robbins photographic free wedding photography89

He’s also a massive party animal (ahem just like me) but more about that later…

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WIN A DIY Wedding Video Package with Storymix Media

When Gareth & I were married waaaay back in 2008, having a wedding video was low on our list of priorities. I know – what fools we were! But weddings can be bloomin’ expensive and when it came down to it, we just couldn’t stretch our already exceeded budget any further. However these days, couples on a budget have so many more options and the lovely folks at Storymix Media are leading the way.

Their clever free mobile app (available for iPhone & Android - woohoo!) allows all your guests to film parts of your wedding journey (all the way from the hen do through to the wee hours of the morning after the wedding!) on their phones. Then they can seamlessly upload directly to Storymix Media who will edit together the best bits for you! Now, clearly, a video filmed by your Aunt Fran isn’t going to be comparable to hiring a professional videographer, BUT if you want to capture every Rock n Roll moment through your friend’s eyes or your budget just won’t stretch, then this is a seriously cool option.

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WIN £500 Worth of Goodies from SimplyBe

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the British high street and I’m certainly not immune to the odd rummage through the rails… in fact it’s a pretty regular occurrence. But I do have a bit of a gripe. Being the owner of a rather ample bosom and far from the size 8/10 that most stores seem to now label as medium (seriously?) it can be tough to find age-appropriate outfits that fit me really well. Which is why I whooped with joy when the lovely guys at SimplyBe got in contact asking if I’d like to run a competition to give one of my readers £500 worth of stuff. “Why yes, yes I would!” I replied with vigour!

SimplyBe are a leading high-street fashion retailer, based in the UK, that specialise in fashionable and flattering clothing for sizes 14-32. Each piece is designed with these sizes in mind – they’re not created as a size 6/8 and then scaled up – oh no if you’re a size 18 then a size 18 dress will be designed and cut to flatter your figure. I AM ECSTATIC.

They say, “Just as Rock n Roll Bride aims to promote ‘individuality and general awesomeness within a cookie cutter, pastel and often puke-worthy wedding world’, SimplyBe provides a unique take on women’s fashion catering almost exclusively to those often ignored by mainstream, high-street retailers. We provide awesome, on-trend and affordable fashion in larger sizes, allowing our customers to find their own look, feel fantastic and reach their full style potential as individuals.”

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Wedding Stylist Competition with Next: Win £500 in Vouchers

British High St giant Next have partnered with yours truly to launch their ‘wedding stylist’ competition. If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a fashion stylist, well now’s your opportunity… with your chance to win £500 of Next vouchers in the process!

To enter, simply create a post on your own blog (yep, you need to have your own to enter this particular contest) putting together some key looks using items on the Next website using a budget of £500 and link to the items you use within your post. They could be bridesmaid outfits, bridal looks, groom’s attire, kids outfits or ideas for guests. You could even do a set to suit a specific wedding theme or a complete mish-mash of styles. The choice is 100% yours! When your post is live, simply link to it in a comment below this article.

You know me, I want to see something unique and different so let your imagination run wild! You could create moodboards or style sheets, put outfits together using pictures, share links or use your social platforms to make your blog post as creative and original as possible. To get you started, I decided to put together some bridesmaid looks for a sparkly 1920s inspired flapper wedding…


Blush Sequin Dress, £50
Pewter Snake Effect Trim Peep Toe Court Shoes, £36
Pewter Sequin Corner Frame Clutch Bag, £22
Two Tone Short Necklace, £10

Print Cowl Back Sequin Dress, £42
Glitter Peep Toe Court Shoes, £32
Black And Bronze Glitter Belts Two Pack, £8
Pink Statement Ring, £7.50

Lipsy Allover Beaded Shift Dress, £65
Silver Embellished Sandals, £68
Ivory Metallic Brocade Box Clutch Bag, £24
Sequin Waterfall Cover-Up, £45

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