Stress-Free Wedding Planning with Appy Couple

February 26, 2013


Wedding apps are a funny breed. We waited for years for someone to create a decent one, while small (and usually slightly buggy) ones hit the app stores in drips and drabs. But they all seemed to result in the same thing – system crashes and loud sighs of disappointment. Surely, having a space on your phone to plan your wedding, save your inspiration, keep tabs on your guest list and track your expenses couldn’t be that hard to create, right!? Oh and we’d like it to be intuitive to use and to be gorgeously designed too please.

Who would have thought it would take so long, but finally, finally, there’s one worth using – and as an Android user I am utterly thrilled that it’s available for both iPhone and Android devices. Introducing Appy Couple.

Appy Couple is more that just another wedding phone app. It’s a completely custom wedding planning tool, a guest concierge service and social network in one. But more than that, it’s one that you and your guests will actually want to use. Both you and your fiancé will have a login so you can both update it, and your guests can use it to learn about your wedding, be introduced to the wedding party and even to get to know other guests before the event!

You also not only get a mobile phone app but a completely custom website for your wedding too which, brilliantly, can be updated on your desktop, laptop or tablet with those updates being automatically pushed to the mobile version. No technical know-how required, their super easy drag & drop system means that even a technological klutz like me could work out how to use it without asking Gareth for help.

I had a play with it this past weekend. Its so intuitive to use, it looks GREAT and it makes me totally wish it was around in 2008 so we could have used it to ease our wedding planning!

appy couple rock n roll bride appy couple rock n roll bride1 appy couple rock n roll bride2

There are over 200 gorgeous designs to choose from and many of them are as far removed from traditional wedding schemes as possible. Believe me, there’s not a soft focus rose or dated italic lettering in sight which pleased this picky design freak muchly. This is, by far, one of the most stylish mobile apps I’ve ever used.

Discount & Giveaway

Appy Couple costs $28 but for a limited time only, Rock n Roll Bride readers can bag themselves the app for just $20 using promo code ROCKAPPY26 at the checkout.

But, if you’d like to be in with a chance of winning one of five free accounts simply comment below or tweet about Appy Couple & Rock n Roll Bride using the hashtag #AppyCoupleRocks by midnight tomorrow (27th February 2013). If you comment and tweet you’ll be entered twice!

Winners will be notified by email after February 28th.

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Happy mobile wedding planning guys!