A Vintage-Inspired Mountaintop Wedding: Roxanne & Braxton + WIN Her Twigs & Honey Veil

Roxanne & Braxton’s beautiful mountain view wedding took place at Meditation Mount, Ojai, CA. Photographer Lydia Hudgens was there to capture the day.

“We wrote the ceremony ourselves and our friend John was our officiant,” Roxanne told me. “We had some friends perform readings from favorite writers of ours – Emily Dickinson, Virginia Woolf, Paul Eluard, etc. Another friend, Rob, provided the processional & recessional music on guitar, accompanied by Braxton’s cousins Kati and Madi. We walked down the aisle to Joanna Newsom’s ‘Bridges and Balloons’ and finished with Michael Jackson’s ‘The Way You Make Me Feel.’ It was so lovely and just what we wanted; Meditation Mount was an amazing place for a ceremony–the view of the surrounding valley is epic, sublime.”

The reception was held at Little House, a community centre in Ojai, CA, and the whole wedding has a real community feel. “For the duration of the wedding weekend we’d rented a ranch down at the end of a remote canyon to stay at with a large number of friends,” the bride continued. “It was so relaxing to escape there as the day approached and spend time hiking in the mountains, swimming in the river, and chatting and cooking together. We didn’t have a wedding party so this was a way we could spend time with our friends and help them have a bit of a vacation as well.”

The bride wore a dress made by her Mother from an original 1930’s pattern with Melissa shoes and a headpiece from Twigs & Honey. From her outfit, to their decor ideas, the wedding had a subtle vintage theme.

“We didn’t have a theme as far as colors, but I did develop a fascination with 1910s, 20s and 30s postcards featuring a fede or gimmel (hands shaking). I collected a number of these and scanned and printed them for guests to write on for our guestbook; we also used some of these images for our website and postcard invitation. This led to a number of other hand themed things – my earrings were tiny silver madras hands holding sparrows holding pearls, and my mother wore a vintage hand brooch on her dress, and we had some hand shaped vases. We also had a shortened version of a hand-fasting as part of our ceremony.”

“Anyhow, the rest of the decorations were haphazard and came from what was on hand or easily accesible… I collected vintage tablecloths from family as well as antique and thrift shops, we bought candles at the 99 cent store, we used compostable bamboo plates and flatware in lieu of renting, we purchased parasols and paper lanterns and used live plants for the centerpieces and other floral arrangements. The centerpieces were planted in my Mother’s teapot collection. We also asked guests to dress for a 1930s garden party, and many of them did!”

Thank you so much to Roxanne & Braxton and the fabulous Lydia for sharing these today.

Photography Credit: Lydia Hudgens
Ceremony Venue: Meditation Mount, Ojai, CA
Reception Venue: Little House, Ojai, CA
Bride’s Dress: DIY
Bride’s Feather Cape: Biba (bought on eBay)
Bride’s Shoes: Melissa
Bride’s Veil & Headpiece: Twigs & Honey
Bride’s Jewellery: vintage
Groom’s Outfit: Brooks Brothers; bowtie from Cyberoptix on Etsy
Cake: Marcie’s Pies
Flowers: DIY
Hair: Busy Babes, Ojai, CA
Band: Janet Klein and Her Parlour Boys
Stationery: DIY

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The wonderful Myra of Twigs & Honey, who made Roxanne’s veil, and I were talking on twitter yesterday and I told her I was featuring this beautiful wedding with this veil in it. She has kindly offered to giveaway the same veil (more pictures here) to one lucky reader of Rock n Roll Bride!

To enter, visit the twigsandhoney.com and then leave a comment on this blog post saying what you love about this wedding as well as which colour veil you’d like (champagne, Ivory or white).

Prize can be shipped worldwide. You have until Midnight Saturday 12th November to enter and the winner will be notified by email after this date.

This contest is now closed


  1. Meredith B

    All the pictures have such amazing light in them! Gorgeous. 🙂 I love how stylish the couple looks, too. Beautiful wedding in a beautiful location.

    (and if I win I’d like white, please. 🙂

  2. Lydia Hudgens’ photography is beautiful – I love the vintage feel and soft tones of these images. The shot of the bride in her stunning dress looking to her left has to be my favourite.

  3. I love them 🙂 the colours of the photographs are lovely 🙂 and that dress with feathers? its amazing :)…

    I never win anything, but as I really like that veil if I win I would choose the Champagne one 🙂

  4. Lily McDowall

    I love the vintage feel, as well as the brides gorgeous dress and groom’s hat!

    I would pick the Ivory veil.

  5. Sarah

    She is absolutely gorgeous! I love how timeless it all looks. Incredible. I’d love one of these veils!!!

  6. Kelly-Anne

    i love how the bride has really stuck to her theme the whole way through the wedding, even the little details, also that she wore a dress her mum made from an oringinal 30’s pattern. gorgouse.

    And a ivory veil would be pretty cool 🙂

  7. I love the hands theme running through the wedding (can hands run??), and how it originated in a visual fascination with the postcards and ended up being incorporated not only into the decor but into the ceremony itself. The “hands clasped” theme is so meaningful for a wedding and it embodies the companionship I think should be central to a marriage.

    And I love her feather cape! It makes her look like a beautiful bird woman from another planet. And the veil is beautiful, of course. I would choose champagne.

  8. This wedding is seriously lush! I love simply everything about it, the bride looks stunning, the flowers, the veil, the details, but my favourite part has too be the grooms outfit hat and dickie…. too cute!!!

    If I win (fingers, toes etc etc all crossed) could I have a white one pretty please) xXx

  9. What I especially love is the photos and posts that provide me with such a wonderful selection of ideas. I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful and fun website for brides.

    I would select a simple white veil.

  10. I love the feather col and the vintage style of the newlyweds! Pine cone used like place card is a so good idea!

    I love Twigs and Honey product and I dream to win a white veil just like this bride!!

  11. Ugh… how personal it is!! I love everything the bride and groom did to make the day theirs… that is exactly what I want my day to be… totally personal.

    They wrote their own ceremony, were married by a friend, and had another friend play the (awesome) music for their ceremony!

    … not to mention the dress. Made by her mother from an original 1930s pattern?!


    And, by the way… my FAVORITE Twigs & Honey veil! I think I would go with white, although I do love the champagne like crazy. Tough choice!

  12. Lara Burn

    Aside from the off centre and alternative journey this bride has taken to their beautiful day – I think what sticks the most is how involved each of their friends were – from the officiant to the music and readings. And then the symbolism of family and friends in the decor and lead up to the wedding. Its almost a return to the heart of what makes wedding’s so special. Instead of these pre-packaged, just add water weddings that seem to have become so popular. This wedding is truly so inspiring – for the light handed touches (forgive the pun!) and her unique vision for vintage that doesnt overwhelm. Its delectable… just divine! Thank you so much for sharing rocknrollbride. Its why we love this site so much! 🙂

  13. Lara Burn

    and oh that dress and feather cape. What a vision!!! Cannot get enough of this wedding visually. What a feast!

  14. Laura H

    What’s not to love?! But what stands out the most is that AMAZING handmade brooch bouquet! Instantly thinking of ways to do this myself.

    And that dress! Stunning. Goes perfectly with her Twigs and Honey veil (imagining one for myself in ivory…just sayin). 😉

  15. Just so in love with all of the gorgeous personal touches and attentiveness to sustainability. The bride seems so HERSELF, so comfortable in her own skin and simply exudes style. As a wedding photographer, I am always so taken with all of the tiny little details – they are always a mirror of what is truly important to the couple and their families. This wedding is a treasure trove of those details – what a wonderful story they weave.

    Finally her style – truly rock and roll.

    I’m in love with the ivory veil!

  16. I absolutely love the bride and groom’s style. It is so classic. I also love how apparent their love is – you can truly see it in these images. The little details, like the post card guest book, are adorable. And the fact that her mother made her wedding dress is so wonderful. I love everything about their wedding. It was simple, yet very elegant.
    If I win, I’d like the ivory veil =).

  17. Emma

    I love the ethereal, dreamy quality of the photos of this wedding and the flower girl with glasses is so cute!

  18. Jessica

    To be honest, to me, the pictures make the wedding. I’m sure it was so beautiful in person and the tone of the photos really set the mood. The vintage style also is something I really enjoy.

    If I won, I personally wouldn’t care on what color, but just be thankful I won something! Haha

  19. Jade

    I love EVERYTHING about this wedding. Mostly, I love the fact that I know that so much thought, effort, and love was put into it to make it a beautiful and whimsical day!

    The ivory veil would be a classic if I won 😉

  20. I love this!!! Beautiful wedding! I had a dream I bought the wrong veil :/ lol how tragic right?

    Maybe I’ll win the ivory one, just maybe.

  21. i would absolutely love this in white…

    this wedding was truly gorgeous. i loved the whole outfit on the bride, from the hand made dress to the feather cape, to the beautiful head piece.

    argh! so many gorgeous things. thank you for this amazing giveaway!! <3

  22. Heidi Schramm

    I adore the dress made with dedicated love by her mum… what a masterpiece and ode to the 1930’s. I am so inspired by it’s simplicity, the simple open backed design, tiny little sleeves and the FEATHERED STOLE. My oh my!! Piece de resistance!!

    I also adore how they transformed the wedding into an opportunity to celebrate with friends by renting a ranch to stay in. This is my vision too… Just in New Zealand!

    If I win, I would love ivory please!

  23. Oh wow, I remember Roxanne from Livejournal years ago, how crazy! Everything looks amazing! Ojai is really beautiful, what a great venue.

  24. Nicola

    This is the most gorgeous wedding dress I’ve seen. I was a huge fan of her amazing outfits when I used to frequent Wardrobe Remix on flickr!

    I’d go for white veilage…

  25. Oh my goodness, it’s Kore! We were Livejournal friends when I was in high school. It’s so crazy seeing her here! Her wedding is absolutely what I’d expect to see from a beautiful and creative visionary like Roxanne, but even lovelier than I would have imagined… Congratulations Roxanne and Braxton 🙂 Love all of the little touches!

  26. I absolutely love the atmosphere of the 50’s that emerges from the wedding ! The decor adds a vintage touch to everything and I like this in particular. Without knowing them, I can merely say that their wedding show their love and personnality so well ! and of course, the DIY is just perfect for this theme here 🙂

    I also love her veil, and would go for an ivory one ! 🙂

    Stunning wedding anyway !

  27. Charise

    How do I love this…let me count thy ways.
    I love the muted colors; I love the outdoor setting.
    I love the way he looks at her; I love the veil of netting.
    I love the backless dress; I love the feather shawl.
    My wedding theme–country meets city–means an ivory veil I’d love, y’all.

  28. Lauren A

    I love how ethereal and beautiful this wedding is – feather cape, hello!!

    If I won the veil, I would be after ivory please!

  29. Davina C

    Actually, apart from the veil and dress of course, the thing I most like about this wedding is the guest book! I have thought about the idea of postcards for a while, and have actually already started collecting them! Lovely lovely.
    If I won I would LOVE the ivory!

  30. Jeanette

    This wedding is incredibly timeless yet totally unique and personal. Her bouquet and bag are absolutely beautiful.

    The champagne would be a perfect fit with my dress.

  31. This wedding is so beautiful & romantic! It just seems soft, light, and very much them. I’ve been following Roxanne’s blogs for years, and it’s so wonderful to see how her wedding turned out. I can’t imagine it being more perfect for her!

    (Champagne, here!)

  32. Margot

    Beautiful wedding! Wonderful soft light, elegant dress (love the cape) and a really laidback atmosphere.
    I’d love an ivory veil!


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