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Lush + Leather: A Plant-Filled, Non-Conforming, Wedding Editorial with a Groom in a Dress

It’s sometimes difficult to remember a time when seeing genders other than female wearing dresses or skirts was unheard of. Although in recent times we’ve seen celebrities like Harry Styles and Brad Pitt jumping on board, the queer community have been experimenting with gender in fashion for decades! I mean, the rest of the world is really just catching up.

For photographer Stori O-Foley, who came up with the concept and shot this editorial, having one of her grooms in a wedding dress was the main thing she wanted to do. She wanted something sleek, with a cape, which suited the model’s personality and showed off his best features.

She told us all about her inspo. “Wow, so much went into conceptualising this shoot. I really wanted to push the unconventional in every way. I wanted to show that your wedding or elopement should represent who YOU are as a couple, not necessarily what is traditional.”

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A Low-Key Leafy Wedding in a Plant Shop

Armed with a budget of $2000, Lici and Jadon had their December wedding in Carrie Lynn’s Plant Shop, in Summerlin, Las Vegas. They didn’t have a formal reception, instead they went to the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar’s Palace instead. This laid back bride wore a dress and veil which her mum found in a thrift store in Florida – she didn’t even see them in person until the morning of the wedding!

“I think getting married in a plant shop pretty much stands out within itself”, Lici told us hen we asked about their day. “When I tell people they’re usually mind-boggled, trying to picture it. I wanted something natural and I love plants, and Berlynn, our wedding planner, had the idea for Carrie Lynns!”

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Handmade DIY Bohemian Wedding with Plants and Tassels

Desiree and Matthew’s wedding was a craft-lover’s dream with loads of beautiful cosy DIY and thrifted elements. They also included lots of greenery and plants. The bride looked like a total bad ass in her amazing specs (we love a bride or groom in glasses!)

Desiree describes her level of DIY as, “As much as possible without going crazy! I tried to make things that I’d be happy to display in our home post wedding; this included our welcome sign, our stationery suite, a hand-painted ‘family portrait’ and Himmeli prisms for the tables. I also made our guestbook out of vinyl records mounted to frames, with metallic pens there for ‘autographs’. Our wedding favours were handmade soap and organic seeds. Many guests said when they arrived at The Hacienda, Santa Ana, that it felt like stepping into our house, which was a huge compliment.”

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Book-Inspired Greenhouse Wedding in the 42°C Melbourne Heat

Ella and Michael’s wedding is the wedding of plant lovers’ dreams. Their venue was the Glasshaus, a plant nursery based in Melbourne, and their styling was simple, green and nerdy – in the most breathtaking way! It’s so beautiful I’d even brave the 42°C heat (yep, celsius, you read that right; Ella and Michael got married on the hottest day of the year) to be there, and that’s coming from a girl who complains at 22 degrees. But enough about me – let’s talk about this STUNNER of a big day, shall we?

The couple had decided early on that they wanted a big dinner party with food and drink as their focus. Unusually, Ella and Michael chose their caterer before they chose anything else, then working with The Farm Café and their wedding planner Amelia to find a venue that was suitable.

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