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Navajo Meets Modern Southwestern Wedding

Victoria and Sean, who live and met in New Mexico, wanted a multicultural wedding which celebrated both of their backgrounds; the groom’s Navajo (Native American) heritage and the bride’s Scots/ Irish/ French/ German ancestry. The colours they used were inspired by the colours of the Southwest/ New Mexico.

“We incorporated the silver, turquoise and coral elements of the southwest”, Victoria began. “The terracotta/sienna colour of my gown was the colour of the soil and the sunsets on the Navajo Nation. Lavender is for the abundant lavender found in the Southwest and the colour of ripe prickly pear cactus. Marigold yellow is for the colour of the sun and the Spanish broom that grows in the region. The deep turquoise is for the colour of the native turquoise stone and the rivers. The Ganado red is for the red soil that produces the rich red in the Navajo wedding basket and the wool yarn of the traditional woven blankets. Emerald green for the pine trees in the high desert.”

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Californian Vineyard Wedding with Native American Inspiration

Kristen and Clayton’s kickass Californian wedding was held in a WINERY. An eclectic ensemble of Native American inspiration and wine themes, it radiates warmth through our computer screens, and we love it.

Clayton was always going to have a nod to Native America in his wedding, Sara (their amazing photographer) explains. “When Clayton was a teenager on a music tour, a native tribe member gifted him a special ceremonial basket and told him that whenever he married, he was to incorporate this into the ceremony and he and his bride would eat sacred cornmeal out of it. Clayton hung on to the basket all these years, so it only made sense to plan the ceremony around it! He and Kristen are also earthy, spiritual people, so the Native theme vibed well with what’s important to them.”

“Clayton is 1/16 Navajo”, the bride took over. “We also just liked the ceremonial and spiritual aspects of the culture since neither of us are particularly religious.”

Their beautifully airy venue, Cordiano Winery, opens onto a beautiful Tuscan-style landscape with the most amazing views of California rolling beyond it – perfect for their couple’s portraits. (And that golden light! Dreamy.)

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