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Italian Countryside inspired wedding in Oregon with a Cannabis Tent

Niki and Ryan met on Instagram, and when Ryan travelled to California from New York a few months later, Niki was there to pick him up. They haven’t been apart since! The couple planned a small outside wedding, bringing together their families from West and East coasts.

Creating a weekend-long celebration, Niki and Ryan knew they needed a helping hand. Niki explained, “I think everyone needs a wedding planner. I could not have done it alone or been able to create such an amazing weekend without Shauna. She was on top of every single detail, she curated such an incredible space and really took the time to get to know us to create the perfect weekend. The way she was able to transform the spaces throughout the venue was absolute magic and better than anything I could have imagined.”

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Maximalist & Eclectic, Jew-ish Wedding Inspired by Disco, Interior Design & Cannabis

Kate and Ari were inspired by so many things for their August wedding in Detroit; bright colours, flowers from their local market, a neon pink leopard print pillow Kate spotted on Instagram… Interior design hashtags on Instagram also played a big part in the inspo for their day – mostly mid-century modern and postmodern design, as well as maximalism, the 19070s and eclectic style interior design. 

“As corny as this sounds, I also got inspiration from our relationship,” said Kate. “Items, design and colours that conveyed the way Ari makes me feel. For example, I’ve said a few times that he makes my heart and soul feel like they’re both listening to disco music, smoking a joint and wearing sweatpants on the couch – this got me thinking about disco balls, which ultimately ended up being a big decor element of our wedding.”

“And last but not least, I found inspiration from cannabis – the actual appearance of the plant itself, and ideas that I’ve come up with and solidified while medicating.” As a chronic illness sufferer,  cannabis is a huge help not only with Kate’s symptom management, but it’s also with accessing the creative part of her brain that is a bit more difficult to use when she’s having a symptom fare up.

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