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A Trailer Trash Bridal Shoot with a Vintage Airstream


August 25, 2012

"Ever since I spent time travelling from Nashville to San Francisco last Autumn, I've benn obsessed with wanting to recreate vintage Americana!" wrote stylist Lynsey Le Keux. "This summer I had the pleasure of making it happen. I got together with some serious wedding industry talent including Sassy of Assassynation and Jo of The Couture Company. Our theme was 'trailer trash chic' which basically meant coney neck beers, dust-caked American cars, sweat smudged make up and broad blue skies. The aim was to portray unique bridal beauty against a backdrop of pure gritty trash... We wanted to inspire bridal styling outside of tradition and show our customers that they don't have to follow convention to rock a wedding - bridal beauty is subjective and one thing all the collaborators agreed on was how much we loved customers who did things their way."