An ‘Out of this World’ Movie Night Themed Wedding

Dale Turner Photography

August 5, 2021

Lindsey and Laura’s had an ‘out of this world movie night’ theme for their May 2019 wedding, They combined Lindsey’s love of space and astronomy with Laura’s love of media and the movies and came up with something truly unique. Each table was named after a film, they had a space themed cake and everything décor wise was homemade.

Lindsey wore a custom coloured dress dyed to match the aurora borealis colours and she covered her shoes in Swarovski crystals to sparkle like the stars. Laura’s suit was a purple with teal and pink check to match. They had their rings custom made by an independent jeweller and had each other’s finger prints engraved inside them.

“Our wedding was eclectic, unique and very much our personalities”, they told us. “We walked down the aisle together and we saw each other the morning of the wedding. We paid for it all ourselves too so nobody but us had any input so we could make it truly about us.”

Their favourite thing about planning their wedding was that they ere able to do whatever they wanted, although in hindsight they maybe would have eloped and just thrown a party instead. “It was stressful chasing RSVPs to see if people were coming. We wish we knew that some people wouldn’t even show up! Our advice to others would be to not let anyone tell you how your wedding should be, particularly if you’re paying for it all yourself. And take breaks for yourselves on the day, go get some fresh air and take in the moments of the big day.”