Rooftop Winter Wedding in Kansas City

825 Studios

September 12, 2019

Jessyca and Hulon met in a plus sized fashion Facebook group and decided to meet up in person… and the rest, as the old cliche goes, is history. They arranged everything for their nuptials themselves. As an operations manager at their own music studio (825 Studios) and VP at Hulon’s record label, Jessyca was certainly well qualified for the job!

They chose to have a winter wedding because they, and their families, love colder climates. Having everything outdoors and on a rooftop was a brave choice but it worked for them! They were married at On Broadway, a rooftop event space with amazing views of the downtown Kansas City skyline.

“I did everything top to bottom”, said the bride. “From the arrangements, hiring, songwriting, assisting the film/photo crew, music selection and more. I felt like a bad ass! 75% of the hires I employ part-time or have contracted before, so I was confident in their work. And to top it off I gave them one hell of a party! Also, the venue owner I have done business with prior with one of his demo projects. Vince’s venue was brand new and we were his first wedding at On Broadway. We are all from Northern/NE or Midwest regions so we didn’t mind having our shindig on top of a roof, slightly windy, and 40º+F outside in March. Crazy huh? Just
a bit!”

The ceremony itself was short and simple and they chose not to have bridesmaids or groomsmen. “My favourite memory for the day was certainly getting married, but second behind that was getting a chance to see family that I had not seen in many years”, Jessyca explained. “We often get so busy with our day-to-day work life and tend to ignore those who are most important. So, it was great to see everyone come together.”

“My advice to other brides and grooms would be to not not allow yourself to be so stressed out about the controlling every aspect of your wedding. Yes, for most it is a one time event, and no one wants anything to go awry, but we have to learn to rely on others. Hire a strong team of well experienced people and provide a checklist of the do’s and don’ts so that your vision is maintained. Then you can relax and enjoy your special day!”