Body Positive Bridal Shoot with Sparkles, Glitter & Irregular Choice


December 28, 2017

It’s nearly New Year’s Eve, so let’s get into the alternative party spirit by injecting glitter, sparkles, rainbows and a bit of kawaii into your life with this head-turning shoot. And get your wish lists at the ready because you’ll be adding to them with no delay after seeing this.

The shoot’s first twinkle formed in the mind of Jo from The Couture Company after walking past the Irregular Choice store in Birmingham at least once a week. The shop has frosted pink glittery walls, flower installation, and a carousel (OMG!). They also did a few shots at Cereal Killer Café,

“This season, about nine out of ten brides arrived to their fittings carrying a box of goodness from Irregular Choice, so I thought it would be wonderful to collaborate on a shoot with them as they’re such a perfect complement to our crazy ass dresses and our brides’ quirky style. I met with manager Megan, who was a total babe, and she inspired me so much that I decided to invite the girls who work in the shop to be the models. Megan was a total star and totally rocked the shoot with her rainbow hair and badass curves. Lauren was so cute and curvy, with her cherubic face and blonde curls, making her perfect for our ‘Fleur’ and ‘Kawaii’ dresses. Then there was lovely Lily, who was our fiery fairy, and Claire the gorgeous brunette who rocked our ‘Poppy’ and ‘Nova’ star designs.”

Echoing Rock n Roll Bride’s ethos of championing every single type of babe out there, Jo said, “By using real people in our shoot with a diverse range of shapes and sizes, I think, sets it apart from others that feature only ‘standard’ sized models. There is a lot to be said for inspiring and giving confidence to women who don’t always feel the most confident, and by showcasing women who are badass and look like total goddesses. Every woman should feel like a total babe on her wedding day – and every other day, too! We hope that by bringing an eclectic mix to our shoots, we can boost the souls of your readers.”

“And I really want to inspire women of all shapes and sizes to consider trying on new styles and designs of wedding gown that perhaps they hadn’t considered before. I feel that options aren’t always there for curvier women who want real alternatives to the strapless A-line silhouette that dominates the plus-size wedding scene. Our aim is to get everyone who comes into our shop to leave feeling that she will be the best and most badass bride that walked the Earth – that is our mission! I think brides can definitely relate to the varied shapes and sizes of the amazing women we feature on our website and social media, really identifying with them, which then makes wedding dress shopping a lot less daunting.”

“We meet the most amazing suppliers while organising the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza, a.k.a. EWE, which is our alternative wedding show that we hold in Birmingham (the next one will be in March 2018, so keep an eye on Rock n Roll Bride for date announcements and ticket information), and we love getting together with them and giving them the opportunity to showcase their creative side.”

“The most important person in any shoot is the photographer, and if you want awesome and badass all rolled into one, then you have to get Sassy from Assassynation, right?  We work with Sassy a lot; I totally LOVE her style and attitude, and she will always ‘bring it’ big time for us. Plus she makes the models feel like total rock stars!”

“We got together with our sister company, Curious Coco Designs, to bring in the alternative bridesmaid looks for the celestial part of the shoot and we had an amazing hair and beauty dream team in Natalie Flewitt and Nicola Honey, who did fantastic work creating looks for our girls. We were super keen to work with Working Clasp and Crown and Glory, whose accessories always bring some sparkly magic to a shoot. Finally, the super cute unicorn bouquet was all thanks to Jamball.”