Autumnal Rustic Wedding in Australia

Deus Photography

October 22, 2016


The most important thing for Bree and Justin was that their rustic Canberra wedding had a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for their guests. “We wanted the reception to feel like us”, said the bride, “and for everyone to have a happy and had a wonderful time.”


To reflect both of their backgrounds they had lots of Australian and Canadian details. “We had a board made with the Australian and Canadian flags, rabbits ornaments, and wooden magnets as favours. Our name plates were a Canadian maple leaf with a maple leaf shaped burlap behind it.”


“We made the guest seating board, name plates, signs and flower arrangements in bottles. I also designed my dress and shoes and Justin designed the cake! We incorporated a few vintage items from our home such as barrels, wooden boxes, the wishing well, the table runners, ornaments and cushions.”


“Our advice to other couples would be to make sure its about the both of you and don’t let others try and plan your wedding. Smile when people want to give you advice, but don’t feel like you always have to take it. Sometimes you do get some great ideas from other people though! Also, don’t buy the first thing that you see, as you may change your mind later.”