Feathers, Bears and Mountaintop Views

Lindsay & Devin

February 9, 2016

Vancouver Wedding_Lindsay Elliott_Devin Karringten (45)

British-born Aisling and Australian Jeremiah met in Vancouver. Although they now live in Australia, they wanted to go back to where they first met to be married. “Our wedding theme was ‘Two Worlds Collided’, began the bride. “The INXS song of the same name was how it all began it was our song from the day we met. It suits us because our personalities and tastes are very different. We are from two different countries. We had two different wedding locations and I ended up with two wedding outfits.”

Vancouver Wedding_Lindsay Elliott_Devin Karringten (20)

They were married on Grouse Mountain and had their reception at at the Clough Club in Vancouver. The bride’s ceremony dress was vintage and she bought on a trip home to the UK. “I never wanted to get married in white, too traditional, I wanted gold and glitter”, Aisling explained, “but when I tried on this white dress (cliché but the first one) my aunties and mum fell in love. I still couldn’t wrap my head around a white dress though, so we kept looking and that’s why we ended up with two dresses one white and one gold! I couldn’t let go of the white dress so it became my ceremony dress. It was gorgeous, simple, bright white and it fitted so perfectly. My evening outfit was vintage gold culottes which I had altered into a strappy number perfect for a Vancouver summer wedding. It was the perfect dancing outfit.”

Vancouver Wedding_Lindsay Elliott_Devin Karringten (26)

“We kept all the décor very simple”, she continued. “We used feathers as the remind me of my love of the English countryside. We had pheasant feathers, white duck feathers, burgundy turkey feathers, eagle feathers and assorted feathers dipped in rose gold and gold glitter. For flowers we only had my bouquet and a wedding arch. I asked that they both be as magnificent as possible, I passed on some pictures and the let the florist do her magic. We used antlers in our archway too and you will see a lot of bears reoccurring throughout our photos because bears are my spirit animal.”

Vancouver Wedding_Lindsay Elliott_Devin Karringten (33)

“Location was everything for us. The daytime location was bright and open, natural and outdoors, we were on top of a mountain on top of the world overlooking our favourite city. I was in my white dress with my ostrich feather shrug, with my glittery shoes and 1920s headdress sparkling in the sun. We served fruit platters, charcuterie plates, salmon, champagne and punch. The night time location was warm and cosy with low lighting, candles and twinkle lights. The Clough Club is in the heart of Gastown, our favourite spot in Vancouver.”

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“One of my favourite things was the cherry pie that we served instead of cake! We had loads left over so we donated to the Gastown Homeless shelter. If anybody knows Vancouver you’ll know Gastown and Hasting St has a huge amount of homeless people.”

Vancouver Wedding_Lindsay Elliott_Devin Karringten (51)

“it was all incredible, the whole day”, the bride concluded. “The ceremony was perfect, saying ‘I do’ and promising ourselves to one another, nothing feels better when you are so damn sure your doing the right thing. We also had a gap between venues we went back to the apartment so I could change my outfit and we could have a glass of champagne and just be quiet with each other for a minute. It was fantastic to soak it all in together before going back and enjoying the rest of the party.”

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