Roadkill Taxidermy Wedding Shoot

Lucy Davenport

March 30, 2014


Who knew roadkill could be quite so glamorous?! Put together by photographer Lucy Davenport and taxidermist Eaton Nott, this elegant and editorial wedding shoot really caught my eye when it landed it my inbox.


“I wanted to create a shoot that was beautiful, yet alternative”, wrote Lucy. “I wanted to create images that the viewer would look at and think was a beautiful shot, then look closer and see the alternative wardrobe we’d used. I want people to be inquisitive about the images and what they show.”

“Taxidermy is a very niche industry, I approached Jess Eaton at Eaton Nott, one of the UK’s finest. We were so lucky to have her on board and allow us the freedom to use the pieces and interpret them in our own way.”


“I then approached Luella’s Boudoir for the dresses, as they stock a fantastic range of designers. I was looking for textures – lace, sparkle and layered fabric. A traditional wedding dress just wouldn’t have worked. Having worked with both Ana Ospina on make up, and Jo Irving on hair before, I knew that they would interpret the brief well and help me to push the boundaries.”

This shoot won’t be for everyone, but I for one think these images are stunningly beautiful. What do you think?


Roadkill Couture™ has a very strong ethical code and absolutely no animal was, or ever will be harmed or killed for the making of the collection.