Rustic Californian Park Wedding: Casey & Caitlin

Ryan Daley Photography

January 21, 2013


Casey & Caitlin were married at Dos Picos Park in Ramona, CA. They wanted their wedding to be laid back, fun, but most of all very ‘them’.

“My inspiration was to keep things very us”, began the bride. “Well actually, our theme was 100% Caitlin, with a splash of Casey thrown in here and there! I have been to weddings that are gorgeous and looked at hundreds on blogs and in magazines when looking for inspiration for our wedding. I have liked many of the things I’ve seen, but none of them were really right.”


“I am never one to follow a crowd, and neither is my husband. When I think about what I love and what I like, I don’t want to compromise for tradition or because someone tells me it can not be done. I want things to mean something to me, just like my tattoos. I don’t pick something out of the air because it looks cool.”


Caitlin wore a wedding dress from David’s Bridal and, alongside her bridesmaids, wore cowboy boots underneath it. “Some people balked when I said I was wearing my cowboy boots under my dress but I stuck to my guns”, she explains. “Many people had so many strong, opinionated ideas of how to make the day better and more efficient, but I stuck to my guns. The weatherman said it was going to rain but that wasn’t going to put me off having it outside. Instead I rented a tent and heaters. We had a few other hiccups like a bridesmaid cancelling, a groomsman not showing up and the caterer being an hour late, but it all worked out OK in the end. No matter the difficulties we kept our plan and made it happen exactly the way we wanted it.”


“My husband is in the navy so instead of a guest book we had people sign rocks to hold during the ceremony which symbolized how my husband would bring me a rock from from each of his travels while on deployment.”

“My favorite part of our wedding was seeing everything I had pictured in my head exactly the way it was on our perfect day”, Caitlin concluded. “I loved seeing my husband start to cry as soon as I came around the corner arm in arm with my mom and dad.”


Just lovely. I adore all the personal touches and how simple and honest the whole wedding was. Thank you to Casey & Caitlin and their wedding photographer Ryan Daley for sharing with us today.