School of Rock Blogging Workshop at Muddifords Court, Devon

Photography Credit: My Fabulous Life

This week Gareth & I trotted off to Muddifords Court in Devon to host a School of Rock blogging workshop. As always I was super nervous on the drive down, but once we arrived and met Becky, Nicky & Pip my mind was put at ease. They were all so utterly lovely and made us feel extremely welcome!

Photography Credit: Laura Michelle Photography

My four hour presentation went super quickly and, if I do say so myself, pretty swimmingly. There were so many questions which always makes me happy, and the attendees were all smiling, scribbling notes and nodding along with what I was saying which is always a good sign I reckon!

Photography Credit: My Fabulous Life

After the ‘official bit’ came the party! The yummy Indian feast provided by Le Frog Catering went down a treat as did the drinks in the (what I liked to call) the ‘shed bar’. Wow you should have seen Gareth’s face when we walked in there. He actually exclaimed “Can I have one of these in our garden please!?” Yeah baby, one day…

Photography Credit: Laura Michelle Photography

(and because I know you’ll all ask, my sparkly star headband is from the fabulous Janine Basil on etsy!)

After much merriment and even more gossiping, blogging chats and getting to know each other it was time to retire. Being able to stay over was really ace – our room was literally breathtaking – and the breakfast the next day was even better. And for the lucky few that also kipped over it was another time to chat, gossip and hang out even more!

We were sad to leave Muddifords Court but we’re totally going back! If you guys want it we’d definitely do another School of Rock workshop there.

Here’s some of my favourite instagrams from the day…

We’re planning on announcing the School of Rock event when we return from our New York trip in a few weeks, but right now I need your help! Do you run a venue or know someone who does that might be interested in hosting a workshop with us? Our requirements are pretty simple, all we need is a large room with one preferably large table to fit 20 attendees and a projector to show my presentation. We’re open to offers of where we should take the workshop next, so if you’d like us to come to a town near you get your thinking caps on for venues that might like to have us!

If you are interested in hosting us, drop me a line to and we can chat through the details. We don’t have any specific dates in mind yet but I’m thinking sometime in June/July would be cool?

Photography Credit: Laura Michelle Photography

Muddifords Court is a B&B and licensed wedding venue in Devon, UK. Gareth & I were guests of Muddifords.

Catering: Le Frog Catering
Venue Decor & Styling: Jolly Good Wedding


  1. The workshop was brilliant! I learned loads and met some really interesting and lovely people from the industry. Anyone serious about blogging should definatly go along. Alot of fun, Cheers Kat & Gareth x

  2. It was a brilliant day – completely inspiring in so many ways! I am really excited about putting all the advice into practice and making my blog fantastic 🙂

    Hope you both have a fab time in NY – and thanks again for everything.

    Helen x

  3. It was a brilliant workshop, the notes I took will keep me going for ages, I learnt so much!
    The whole day, night and breakfast was great, Muddifords was just stunning and I’m all back in super positive excited to work mode. Plus I met all the really lovely people and learnt a few things about myself too. I want to do it all again!
    Thanks Kat for my new skills x

  4. Really enjoyed the workshop, thank you so much and it has really got me thinking! Looks like I missed out on the evening! Next time….

  5. Just wanted to say that as one of only a (small) handful of boys in a class full of girls, the workshop was totally worth it and I’m still buzzing after meeting and talking to some cool people.
    It doesn’t matter who you are, if you’re remotely a part of the wedding industry you’ll get a lot out of the School of Rock – if you get the chance to catch up with a class, then make sure you do. You WILL come away better for it, and possibly a bit heavier after some REALLY nice food. And Drink.
    Kat, Gareth. Thanks, it’s wicked.

  6. Kat! Thanks for an inspiring and very useful day! Can’t wait to action your words of wisdom. Great to meet everyone – so much fun had.. Have an awesome time in NY and for anyone who wants to take part in the next workshop.. DO IT!!
    Nat x

  7. Thanks for a fantastic workshop Kat & Gareth! Relaxed, fun and, most of all, inspirational. If The School of Rock workshop comes to a town near you get on it – FAST!

  8. So gutted I missed it, I had no idea that you did a workshop so nr to me would have loved to have come along will keep my eye’s open for when you do your next one Sharron x

  9. Great Workshop, Great Venue, Great Food, Great Day, I too would like a Shed Bar in my Garden! Thanks Kat & Gareth for an informative day, I’m now ready to start blogging!!
    Sarah x

  10. Thank you Thank you to Kat and Gareth for being such an awesome and approachable couple!
    The workshop has had my min buzzing with ideas for days (and smiling from ear to eat as the memories pop into my mind)

    Highly recommended day, and Muddifords Court! Wow! I want Nicky and Pip to adopt me.

  11. Jen

    I should add, Kat did tell us of the importance of reading our posts BEFORE publishing and checking for typos. In my above comment, I had forgotten this advice.
    Lesson learnt.

  12. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge, inspiration and most of all the love. You gave such good honest tips that work not only for the wedding industry but anyone interested in blogging and social media. I thoroughly recommend the workshop it totally rocks !! I learnt more in one afternoon than I have in 3 years of marketing school!! Thanks Kat and Garath fabulous!!

  13. Thanks Kat and Gareth for such an amazing and inspirational course. Having had a previous career in an Online Marketing agency I thought I knew a reasonable amount about the area but this course gave me a totally different view point and lots of information that I didn’t know.

    Met some fabulous new suppliers too and hopefully some new friends too:-))). Well worth every penny. (Oh and filled my tummy with some yummy food).

    Venetia xx


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