Injured Idols: A Fashion Shoot for Irish Designer Claire O’Connor

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

You’re probably going to either love this or hate this. I’m nearing to the side of love because of the freakiness as the fact that this really is something I’ve never seen before in a bridal shoot!

This shoot, set up to promote the new line of wedding dresses by Irish designer Claire O’Connor, reminds me a lot of the Japanese ‘kegadoru’ (injured idols) trend. Girls wear fake bandages and eye patches as fashion accessories, the theory behind it being that it makes them look cute and vulnerable to the opposite sex (only in Japan huh?!)

Claire explains her own ideas behind this shoot, “The inspiration for the Spring/Summer 2012 Bridal campaign hails from our obsession with appearances and looks, and taking that obsession with beauty to the extreme. I love mixing contrasting fabrics and so I have incorporated swarovski crystals and delicate handmade french lace into plaster casts.”

Whatever you think of this, you can’t deny that it’s certainly different…and I looooove different. Pushing the boundaries of the wedding industry complex is something that makes me very exicted indeed!

Thank you to Claire for sharing her work with us today.

Supporting Cast:

Photography Credit: Solas Weddings
Dresses & Styling:  Claire O’Connor
Hair: Sabrina Bermingham at Cats Hair Salon
Make Up: Kate Synnott at Brown Sugar
Model: January at Morgan the Agency


  1. I LOVE this shoot!
    You’re right Kat, we desperately need more designers like this, willing to push the boundaries in the bridal industry.
    This Cecil Beaton quote sums it up nicely, “Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.”

  2. I adore this!!!!! I love it when bridal shoots do more than showing off beautiful gowns, this is much more like a high fashion shoot with a great concept behind it.

    Kudo’s to the whole team involved, what a great idea!
    And I don’t think it’s too much, think its done just right, without going too gory or trying too hard.
    (Ok, I’ll stop now)

    Could we have more like this, please?

  3. Hi Kat,
    Thanks so much for featuring my work. Its a bit different to how i would normally shoot bridal . But I took a risk and it definatly paid off. Claire is awesome and is destined for mega stardom. Let’s hope she remembers the little people when she rules the fashion world.

  4. Oooo, talk about making a statement! I love the risky angle and the designer’s message. I don’t necessarily love the shoot because it makes me sort of uncomfortable, but discomfort does make us pay attention and there is definitely a lot of stuff here that deserves some attention. I hope we’ll be seeing more of Ms. O’Conner and Mr. Horan. Kudos to you!


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