Stop the Press – NEW Vivienne Westwood/Melissa Shoes!!!

I received a VERY exciting email in my inbox this morning and thought it was worth interrupting our regularly scheduled programming for – especially as I’ve had countless messages recently from many of of you that have been struggling to get your hands on the original white & red Vivienne Westwood/Melissa Lady Dragon heart shoes.

And the all exciting news is that they are BACK and revamped with a brand new super shiny, metallic finish. Oh be still me beating heart!

But that’s not all. Look at these juicy numbers…oh lookie, POM POMS! Yes freakin’ pom pom shoes…

and cute-as-hell new flat styles…

and faux suede skyscraper heeled versions… Ahh I DIE.


The new styles are in shops from July 2011 and are available for pre-order from Hervia right now. Get your credit cards out ladies.

You love me a little bit more now right?


  1. Becky

    Ooooh very pretty, does anyone know how tall the heels are for both the Lady Dragon and Skycrapers?..they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  2. Lou Liddy

    Oh dear. I stupidly mentioned this to my fiance and his words were “if you buy another pair of shoes I will batter you to death with them!” (he was joking!) I could think of worse ways to go than being battered to death with some VW shoes so it may be worth the risk! LOL

  3. Jade

    Yaaaay!! I have always wanted a pair of these for my wedding shoes but the colours didn’t match my coffee-coloured dress…. until now! Ms Westwood, you read my mind you byootiful woman!! Glittery nude heart heels are in the basket, whoop!!

  4. Anna

    OH balls. I love these almost as much as the red and white ones I now have in my possession… I was going to buy the cherry ones with my first pay cheque from my new job… but I think they have some serious competition!

  5. Kate

    Did anyone else have a khoosh ball when they were younger (c late 80s/early 90s) – that’s what the pom poms are! Love them! How many colours is too many to have the heart ones in though…..!!

  6. omg the boy was gonna buy me viv westwood shoes for my bday in aug, the fact that the new collection is coming out in july must be fate! 😀 at least thats what i’ll tell him when the money comes out of his account!

  7. Can I ask a question; for those of you who have them, are they actually comfortable to wear? I know that makes me sound like a right old lady, compared to all you fashionistas!

    I LOVE the glittery pink ones…. but I’m having visions of the heels being wobbly under my less-than-dainty weight and the plastic making my feet, well, ‘glossy’ (the polite version of saying ‘hot & sticky’)!

  8. Post author

    Katie I am crap in heels and yes they are surprising comfy. I also live in my flat versions


    ola! as lady dragon são sempre maravilhosas e agora a skycraper vem com tudo tambem! Aqui no Brasil, quem ama Melissa e coleciona, é chamada de Melisseira!
    Nos melisseiras gastamos fortunas em sapatos melissas, e o seu cheirinho e como um vicio, quem compra uma quer comprar mais e mais! Ja comprei a minha primeira skycraper roxa e ja quero a nude,vermelha e preta! bjsss

  10. Lucinda

    Oh My God!!!!!! I have the original Blue and pink heart ones for my wedding shoes but now I want the red ones too!!!!!!! Maybe I need some for the evening as well?


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