New Melissa & Vivienne Westwood Shoe Collections for A/W 2011

Look what landed in my inbox this week – a preview of the new Melissa shoe range for A/W 2011 including some brand new, never-before-seen Vivienne Westwood numbers as well as other design corroborations including Gareth Pugh! Be still my beating heart.

This post is like a rainbow of shoe loveliness huh? Happieee Saturday!

My favourites…WINGS! These babies have wings! (Vivienne Westwood collaboration)



The flocked skyscrapers are amazing and the mint coloured ones are just so swoooon-inducing. (Vivienne Westwood collaboration)

New colour combos of the ever-popular Lady Dragon heart shoes. Shiny! (Vivienne Westwood collaboration)

Chains…these are totally sexy (Vivienne Westwood collaboration)

The mules are erm… marvellous! (Vivienne Westwood collaboration)

Wonderful wedges. Ahh!

There’s a whole range of gorgeous sandals. These hearts are my faves and perfect for a beach wedding maybe? (Vivienne Westwood collaboration)

Sparkly and punky. Eff yes.

Stars…(Gareth Pugh collaboration)

I will always love bows on my feet.

I just know you guys are going to love these flocked loafers.

The stripes make this cute flats look zebra-esque and I approve. (Vivienne Westwood collaboration)



Neon brights!

I’m loving the ombre trend that’s doing the rounds this season…and I love these.

OK OK I’ll stop now…

The new range will be in stores from October and prices range from between £25 – £70 for the Melissa range and from around £100 – £170 for the designer collaborations. You can see the full A/W 2011 collection on the Melissa website.

Happy shoppiiiing!


  1. Heather

    Eeeeeekkkk! I’m officially in love…and soon to be bankrupt! Three weeks before the wedding this may not be good!

  2. Meep!! *beautiful*

    I’ve decided I need at least four pairs of the above so I shall go about creating four events I shall need to be wearing them four (just in case hubby asks).


  3. OMG i think im love *squeal* my favourites are the white wings and the amah-zing clear sparkly pumps! must start saving the pennies now!

    thankyou for making work today seem a little easier 🙂


  4. *love* the wings. I love them. and the sparkly ones. The silver ones are like Cinderella pumps for when she decided to give her feet a rest from the glass slippers.

  5. I got the red flocked skyscrapers for my wedding in Nov – they are amazing and it feels like your feet are covered in jelly! (smells like jelly too!) I practise walkin in them every day – and they are even prettier in real life!

  6. Jobean

    Eeeeek so pretty. I have a Vivienne Westwood dress to wear for my wedding. It would be just plain rude to not have matching shoes!

  7. Only about five or six pair that need to be in my life. I can totally justify six pair to VW shoes right? Perhaps including it in my wedding budget, “but honey, I’m starting a new trend. Instead of changing dresses, I’m going to change shoes!”

  8. Sarah

    I’ve always been quite tempted to purchase some but have been worried that they maybe sweaty, & cause the foot to slip & slide & rub. Is this the case?

  9. Jobean

    Sarah-I find that if I wear them without tights. Tights on, no problem. However my sister disagrees. So maybe its all down to individual feet!

  10. Ruth

    Eeek mine arrived on Friday and I am completely in love! They are so comfy and they smell like bubblegum 🙂 BIG love for Vivienne Westwood!!

  11. I just so happened to be in Topshop at the weekend and I was caught red handed sniffing all the Melissa shoes. Totally embarrassing, however the girls soon saw what I was doing and started doing the same so was slightly less shameful.

    I had a good stroke of the flocked ones, love them and the new heart colours are juicy as. Rather like the sparkly ones too, oh and maybe the neon… someone stop me….!!

  12. Colene

    I already have white/red heart lady dragons for my wedding, but I tried on the clear.diamante pumps last week – they were the most comfy Cinderella shoes ever. However the £199 put me off…

  13. Oooooh pretty! Already got my grubby little hands on some Lady Dragon Hearts for my wedding next year but I am very tempted in some others…just in case..

    Ps I bought mine in a size 7, and not sure if they’re a bit too big or not. Anyone who has them, is it better to err on the side of caution and get them a little big rather than too tight? x

  14. I love these boots. I got them for Christmas. I wear Uggs all the time. I have a different pair of Uggs in the same size but when I got these, these felt smaller. But as I wear them they get more comfortable. They go with pretty much everything. Cute and Stylish!


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