An Outdoor, DIY, ‘Medieval Arabic’ Wedding Celebration

When Chris & Colleen contacted their photographer Jonathan, they described their wedding theme as ‘Medieval Arabic’, he knew he was in for a real treat. “When I heard that, I knew we’d be in for a ton of FUN!” he told me. The couple certainly didn’t disappoint, putting their all into their unusual and utterly gorgeous ideas.

On the 14th August, the couple got married in the beautiful rural setting of Verona, NY. The groom is in a band call Blood Ceremony (and will be on tour in Europe next Spring) so as you can imagine this was one truly authentic Rock n Roll wedding! “With a band name like Blood Ceremony, one may expect certain aesthetic details in its Bass Guitarist’s Wedding Ceremony,” Jonathan continued. “As the photographer, I came with an open mind and a wild imagination fueled with thoughts of what I read online regarding the band. Most notably, the Toronto based band is self described as being “anti-war, but pro-horror”. The description of the music was cryptic and engaging; ‘Now we slay the stages of the universe with heavy riffs, paranoia-inducing trills and 1970s fills.”

“I did further research and discovered that their influences were rooted in bands that I knew like Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull, and The Who. But they were also inspired from things that I wasn’t so familiar with, like mystical forests, candlelit chambers, gothic castles, and Euro-horror films. Needless to say-this Wedding had the potential to be very Rock and Roll!”

Thank you to Chris & Colleen and their photographer Jonathan for sharing these today

Credit: Fly Me to the Moon Photography


  1. Beautiful wedding! I love the bride’s dress and expression on her face as they’re marrying – her emotions are written all over her face. This one actually looks like it would belong quite comfortable in the 60’s or 70’s – I like it!

  2. sunflowers and pumpkins? *swoon*
    those are great pics in the overgrown field. plus it’s so pretty to have an outdoor ceremony x

  3. Mimi

    When I saw these photographs I was able to transport myself into the wedding, and the happiness of the day. The photographer was able to capture the intimate feelings of love and friendship through his special portraits. He made me want to get married just to have him shoot my day…and their particular non style was just the way I imagined a wedding should be…I need to check out his website. He appears to be the perfect wedding photographer…

  4. mamab

    Bravo to Rock and Roll Bride for highlighting one of the most intuitive photographers in New York. I have seen many photo shoots from this photographer( Jonathan and his staff-Stacey and Catherine) and he/they never disappoint. Jonathan is remarkable because as the photographer he takes into account all of the little nuances a couple wants captured on their very special day. Flymetothemoonphotography is certainly the place to look if you live in or around New York.

  5. Gloria Kislin

    This photographer artistically captures the essence of what the bride and groom envisioned for their special day! His pictures were small vignettes of the wonderful couple, their families, and friends that will be able to be viewed and cherished by all. He didn’t miss any of the classic shots and his candid shots were classically beautiful! Bravo to Jonathan and his crew!

  6. S. Bear

    I have never seen a better capturing of “the moment” – the point that you wish was frozen in time …


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