Rock n Roll Bride is Officially The Best Bridal Style Blog – Now Vote for me to Win Best Overall Bridal Blog!

I wanted to celebrate this announcement by sharing my newest and most favourite thing ever! It’s from Butler & Wilson and it’s totally flippin’ gorgeous.

First up a HUGE thank you to everybody who voted for me to win ‘Best Style Blog’ at The Wedding Channel’s bridal blog awards…can you believe I only bloomin’ won it (with nearly half of the votes – and out of 6 contestants that’s pretty cool so thank you for all your votes!)

All the finalists from each category are now pitted against each other in the ultimate bridal battle – who really is the best wedding blog out there? I’d love it if you’d vote for me for this award too…but if not vote for The Wedding Chicks or The Broke Ass Bride cos I’d like them to win it too. And if I don’t win I’m actually just totally bloomin’ chuffed to have been voted the most stylish!

Click here to vote for the Best Overall Bridal Blog
Vote for Me for the Bridal Blog Awards!

Ps I’m sharing more photos of my new skull crown cos I adore it…

Forgot to take my glasses off for this one!

Oops – shiny face to go with the shiny crown!


  1. xyphotography

    HA YES! i will vote for you as many times as i can until my lunch at 12. ONE: Bc i LOVE this blog and i am a loyal every day reader and TWO: Bc you deserve to win this!

    I’ve been voting non-stop for about 5 minutes and its went from 15% to 20%!! XD

  2. Caroline

    Woof woof… awesome tiarra – although I think its more a crown – for the queen of stylish wedding blogs… well done x

  3. xyphotography

    YESS! My goal was to help make you second; accomplished. you are now at 24%

  4. Post author

    thanks jojo! yes i totally am planning on wearing it on saturday. i gotta figure out how to pin it to my head tho!

  5. Post author

    i just realised it looks like ive cut my hair really short – ive just got it kinda half tied back in a really lazy fashion…

  6. Well done ~ fab news Kat, I am sure you will win best blog overall, theres no competition really!!

    By the way loving that crown, awesome look you have going on there 🙂

  7. Mostly

    Congratulations Kat! You just deserve these accoldaes so very much. I can’t tell you how inspirational I have found your blog. What you say in your ‘About the Girl’ description could not be more apt – this is truly a haven. Thank goodness you have the ongoing gumption to supply us with wedding loveliness! Love you!

  8. Emma@ FCNK

    Congratulations you are the rockest…voted again.
    I am going to search for a Vintage dress to go with that amazing crown…

  9. Terri Cheshire

    Voted! it seems that the wedding chicks are just ahead at the moment 🙁 you are clearly the winner though!!

  10. Very unusual but looks fabulous and I have to say you wear it very well. One thing though I daren’t ask about is the cost :-)! Keep up the good work with you blog.

  11. Firstly I vote for you because you are awesome and I’m not even close to getting married I just like reading your blog and secondly, that skull crown is awesome!


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