On the River Bed…

When I first saw these I was like “erm…is that a bed in a river?!” I thought it surely must have been some post production/photo shop trick but no, they actually lugged about 300lb of bed 3/4 of a mile down to a river to get these shots!

“Bottom line-it. was. all. totally. absolutely. worth. it. I’m really pushing my approach and style as an effort to redefine expectations of photography” photographer Hollie told me. “Why shouldn’t my clients be pampered during their shoot and have a photographer who will create an environment of repose-it is after all, about them. I’m just so grateful for Team Lytlefoto and for having adventurous, free-spirited clients who believe in
my crazy ideas.”

Thanks to the incredible and super creative Hollie for sharing these today

Credit: LytleFoto


  1. Wow. I love her idea of redefining photography expectations! These turned out amazing because of her willingness to really BE there for the shoot, instead of phoning it in. Woot.

  2. Very serene and dream-like. I applaud them for taking that bed out there; it really made for interesting, creative, and lovely images.

  3. AisleCrasher

    This looks like a freakin’ cool shoot! Funny thing is I stumble-bummed across this same photog a few days back on the EAD blog. This river shoot has similar fashion but such a different and more rockin personality!

    Remarkable style, def dream like…Jenn said it right.

  4. Veronica

    Gorgeous pictures! The bride and groom look beautiful and relaxed – what an amazing photographer!

  5. Erica

    What BEAUTIFUL photography! I love Hollie’s work and only wish I lived closer to take advantage of her talents ;o) She seems as if she’ll give her competition a run for their money! Imaginative, unique and elegantly stated.


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