Latex, Tattoos, Piercings & Fancy Dress Make a FABULOUS UK Wedding!

I’ve got a funny feeling you’re going to go just as crazy about these as I did. Words can not even describe really can they? Danny & Louise’s amazing alternative, British (oh yes this couple is English woooo) wedding was all about the style.

Louise’s stunning latex dress was made by Jane Doe Latex. This part certainly didn’t care about what was ‘expected’ of their wedding, not only are the pair clearly ones to play by the rules (Louise is a piercer and micro-dermal specialist and Danny is a tattooist. They are both heavily modded, both having split tongues, facial tattoos and multiple piercings) but the wedding meal after the ceremony was a trip to MacDonald’s eaten at their house!  Their evening reception and buffet was held at at our local rock bar, Sanctuary and was fancy dress, hence the grooms rather fetching nurses outfit!

Seriously guys, put your eyes back in their sockets right now and enjoy!


Thanks to Donna for sharing this AMAZING wedding with us

Credit: Mofotography


  1. Emma

    I love the brides make-up, she’s so beautiful! Looks like a crazy fun wedding and so unique.

  2. oh wow 😀 thanks SO much for featuring this, its my first blog feature and i’m totally gobsmacked, and i’m pleased everyone likes both the awesome danny and louise and my photography! thank you! <3

  3. Hot hot hot. I love it. I haven’t seen anyone in a latex wedding gown for probably 8 years. First time I ever saw it I thought it was insanely hot, and I still do. If I had a bride tell me she was wearing a latex dress, I would be doing a mega-snoopy dance.

  4. i’m very lucky because they are my friends as well as wedding clients, and being covered in tattoos myself means i know a lot of like-minded folk 😉 thank you!

  5. The photography and the dress is just simply amazing here! The tattoo’s also just look simply incredible.

    Great blog post. Keep them coming!


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