Steam Punk

I have to say, I don’t really know what steam punk is…but from what I gather it’s this – a mad hatter, crazy colour, super duper ott, satin, goggled, gothic extravaganza! Is that somewhere close?


Sabrina & John had a costume wedding on Halloween and I could not resist these portraits…holy amazing fashion batman!

Thanks to Kelly for sending these to me. Wowzer indeed

Credit: Kelly Moore Photography


  1. Cristi

    Steampunk is inspired by the Victorian era, when steam power was used. Think H.G. Wells, Mary Shelley, etc. Or for an easy visual, Wild Wild West, the tv show and the movie. Offbeat Bride posted a photo of an AMAZING Steampunk wedding cake recently.

    These shots here are awesome, i love the whole vibe.

  2. oh my god… the creativity oozing from this wedding is astounding!! i simply love that about weddings.. each one is so different and unique! fantastic!!


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