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The best thing about blogging has got to be all the amazing people I have met and the second best thing has to be when those amazing people not only want to work with me but want to give you something too! Today’s day of ruffles is culminating in the best of the lot! Oh yes, Michi Calica of Toccata specialises in stunning bridal fashion, accessories and florals which she sells from her beautiful Etsy Store.

“These creations are specially designed for the sassy bride-to-be,” Michi says “and for special guests at her dream wedding. I design finely crafted wedding dresses, boleros, silk flower fashion accessories, party purses and top quality fresh water pearl jewelry that will make your heart sing.”

And oh they do, just check out the a-a-aaaaaaamazing ‘White Orchid Bolero’ that Michi has donated as a giveaway for the readers of Rock n Roll Bride! Are you swooning over those delicate chiffon ruffles? Hell, I know I am!

To enter, go check out her Etsy Store and then come back and comment below telling me what you think. My favourite comment will win a bolero in your choice of colour (winter white or ivory) and size worth $178!


You have until Tuesday 3rd November to comment. The contest is open all all readers – the prize can be shipped worldwide. The winner will be announced on Wednesday 4th November.

This contest is now closed


  1. Wow! What an outSTANDing assortment of goodies at Toccata! The ivory orchid bolero really makes me swoon for a number of reasons. One, orchids are my favorite. Two, my sweet little grandmother is making my dress from cotton silk too! What an accessory! Thanks for sharing.

  2. fantastic work!!!! would be the sassiest addition to my dress (and help hide that tattoo my grandma doesn’t know I got)

  3. Tiffany

    Wow… I am officially in love with all of the textures of her varied designs. This one and the bustled bolero are definitely my favorite.

  4. a-a-aaaaaaamazing is right. And throw in a, “Holy hell, that bolero is to die for, DIE, I say!” for good measure.

    I love the texture. It look so original and feminine.

    A white one would look so sassy and pretty on me, too 😉

  5. Tiffany Miller

    I headed over to the White Orchard shop
    and saw so many pieces of eye candy my jaw dropped
    Oh Bolero, how I love thee
    Without you my wedding look would not be
    Perched up on my shoulders, nice and tight
    Bringing sheer elegance and delight
    Paired with pink sassy heels and a birdcage veil
    My wedding look cannot fail

  6. Alexis M

    WOW I’m all over etsy but somehow I never came across this shop! That bolero is GORGEOUS! My dress is strapless and this would be an amazing compliment to entire look I’m going for. And on another good note, I think I found my wedding necklace while browsing the etsy shop!

  7. Amber M

    holy cannelloni! they have some awesome, awesome things in their etsy shop, but this bolero is stunning!!!!

    What a kick ass accessory for any RNR bride! \m/

  8. msh

    I still have over 9 months to my wedding day and I didn’t even start to plan it for good yet but I’m already going through a crisis. My family is seriously killing me. Just now I’m looking at this stunning bolero (or the Angelique bolero from etsy shop) and thinking ‘holy shit! it’s awesome, it would totally work with the extremally simple dress I had in mind and would make my whole outfit!’. But there’s also a part of me imagining what my Mother would say, and I give up. I can’t decide if having my wedding the way I want it is worth years of comments and unknown number of offended relatives. Maybe I should just give up and let them do it their own way. It’s just one day, right? I will survive it, somehow, and then I’m free to have fun.

  9. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw! i don’t need to go over etsy now, i’ve been eye-ing this exact bolero for a while! my parents won’t be present for our wedding because of distance and we’re planning to travel immediately after the wedding to meet them. i want to take pictures with them in my wedding dress with this bolero. my mom is a perfect representative of a happy person, you can hear her laugh from 2 km radius (i know, i’m exaggerating). when i saw this bolero for the first time, i got that feeling when i’m around my mom. love it!

  10. rachael

    My wedding is 3 weeks away and THIS is the EXACT item I’ve been looking for to complete my Mad-Men-meets-Indie-bride look {pearls, lace, feathers, and touches of leopard print}. Stunning! WAY over budget already {or else I would have the White Orchid Delux wedding dress I’ve been eyeing for an eternity}, so I’d be forever grateful to be gifted such a mindblowingly spectacular piece, but rest assured, I WILL have either the angelique or the white orchid bolero on my wedding day!

  11. cristina

    wow! amazing etsy shop — so diverse and unique. Everything from the boleros, to the jewelry, to the wedding dresses is so gorgeous! Great giveaway too!!! I especially love the Bustled Bolero, but they’re all wonderful!

  12. Krystle

    Oh how I would love to wear this bolero, it’s so graceful & elegant, but it has the fun and sassiness of a bride in love. I can just picture myself strolling hand in hand with my husband to be through the english countryside with this bolero on to protect my arms from the wind.

  13. Brandy

    Oh, white orchid bolero. Luv luv luv it! Perfect for our mexican themed wedding. y arriba! y arriba!
    I can see it now
    …the soft chiffon petals flutter in the wind as she walks up the isle
    …the crowd is breathless
    …the moment is priceless

  14. Courtney

    Those items make me wish I were living in a Jane Austin novel. How romantic and feminine, I am sure whom ever wins, that piece will just add to their loveliness.

  15. Sian

    What amazing boleros – the workmanship is incredible. I’d imagine wearing it would be ike swimming in a sea of petals! I’d love to kiss-ass in this on my wedding day.

  16. Kristin

    I’m here to pull out all the stops for the white orchid bolero in winter white. To quote the Dread Pirate Roberts, “I take no survivors!” First, I’m recovering from a traumatic brain injury that happened this summer, as well as, a few broken bones. But, good did come out of this misfortune. My boyfriend and I picked the location and set the date for our wedding (101010)…before he proposed. In fact, I’m still waiting for the ring. Let’s just say the near-death experience this summer shook up our plans a bit, and this bolero would be perfect to shake up my wedding day with some sass! (And still allow me to show off my tattoos 😉 )

  17. Sara

    So, so gorgeous. So, so art noveau.
    But damn- I can’t compete with these comments. I’ll just need to buy one!

  18. Mary Ann

    I love Michi’s white orchid designs, including this bolero! It’s as graceful and delicate as the flower it portrays while its workmanship is as luxurious and full of love as what orchids convey. You’re right, her designs are stunning!

  19. kirsten

    Yow-to-the-za… This would complement my grandma’s 1939 wedding dress I am having reworked for my 2010 wedding in a major league way. I want to be all rufflified on my wedding day.

  20. We are now planning a second reception for my husband’s family in a few months – most of them weren’t able to come to the first one – I am wanting to go in a totally different direction than we did with the first wedding and one of these boleros would be perfect!!! It is exactly what I need!!! So fun and pretty and I just love them!!!

  21. Rose

    Could you please give this gorgeous bolero to me? It’s my birthday on Tuesday 🙂 thanks so much!

  22. I’m not entering this, just wanted to comment how much I love her work and adore the details. Her etsy shop is one of my faves. Whoever wins has to send in photos for us to ogle!

  23. Carolyn

    How beautiful are these pieces? I’ve been trawling the internet for weeks now trying to find something to wear in case it cools off in the evening of our December wedding. How beautiful the ivory bolero would look with my 1950’s vintage prom dress. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous designer with us. My dress is my ‘something old’ and I would love this bolero to be my ‘something new’. Now to borrow something blue!!

  24. Courtney

    Oh my freakin’ god do I love her work! She has totally been on my etsy fav list since I decided I wanted to rock a bolero w/ my vintage style dress. But being a thrifty bride I just keep to dreaming but now I have some hope. Beautiful bolero… perfect for my winter wedding IN 5 WEEKS! Okay, gotta go fantacize about draping myself in petaled luxury, thanks for the sweet dreams RNRB & Toccata!

  25. I am not entering the contest because I can get anything I want from her… she’s my sister! I love all the comments! Good luck to all the ones joining! May the best woman win!

  26. zannie

    It is a stunning piece but I think what I like the most about it is the versality. I mean, sure, it will look wonderful with a wedding dress. But after the wedding you put the dress in a bag and let it dust in the attic. The great thing is that the bolero doesn’t have to go this way. It can stay with you for years. It’s a perfect piece that would make just any outfit special. Wear it with a little black dress that everyone’s seen a thousand times on you before to impress any dinner party. Add a long string of pearls to be the most amazingly dressed person in an opera or on a play. Change the dress for something long and flowy to wear with the bolero in evening or on a ball. Or wear it with skinny jeans and sequinned top to be a star of any party. And the best part is that the size seems quite universal, so even if you loose or gain weight, what is rather inevitable during the years, the bolero still stays, holding the magic of your wedding day, and all other special days you had it on. And making you feel like a bride once again every time you wear it. I mean, this is it. This is a perfect piece of clothing.

  27. Lila V

    Like everyone else I adore Michi’s work and I have been dying to have the white orchid bolero for months now. It would absolutely set off my wedding dress, and give it that Rock n Roll edge.

  28. My daughter has been dress shopping for months and hasn’t found quite the right look yet, something has been “missing”. The bolero is the “missing” link. Absolutely STUNNING! Unique, edgy and sassy yet still absolutely elegant. Wow, I just described my daughter!! We are wedding photographers and that is part of the reason she is having such a difficult time finding her perfect dress – she has seen them all over the years. She wants something different and unique – without breaking the bank. My mind goes wild thinking of all the images I could get of wearing the bolero and then in the evening slip into a more casual dress with the bolero and a matching orchid in her hair. Oh the ideas I am already coming up with!! Kat – thanks for posting the site info!

  29. you know that song, “i didn’t know i was looking for love until i found you…” the one that goes, “i was alone thinking i was just fine, i wasn’t looking for anyone to be mine…” well change “love” to “bolero” and you got how i feel about this stunning little thing. it would be great too coz i’ve been looking for something to cover this huge keloid on my left arm. so i hope i can soon sing “smack on the map of my heart you landed, i was coy but you made me candid…” xoxo

  30. OMG! I’m literally rolling my tongue back into my mouth and picking my jaw up. Okay- I’ve composed myself now enough to say, “PLEASE ruffle my feathers!” I would be thrilled to adorn myself with ruffles in my twobride wedding and since we’re BOTH wearing short dresses (holla) we need some amazingness to we don’t look like twins. lol. And thanks in advance!

  31. aimee

    I’m not sure if I want to wear it, hug it or eat it. That beautiful bolero manages to combine cute kitten with yummy ice cream swirls and still look stunningly elegant. Wow.

  32. Christie

    Honest. This is my dream. I have had this bolero on my favorites list ever since I stumbled across it on etsy….I just don’t have a budget that allows me to make this purchase. I don’t even know what to say. But if you pick me you will truly be granting my wedding day dream. Really.

  33. melanie

    Absolutly LUSH !! Just about sums it up.. The website is lovely i like the ideas very quirky. It would be the finishing touch to any dress.

  34. jocie

    so happy to see this! I love Toccata and really want to wear one of her pieces at my wedding. i love how there are quite a few varieties to choose from- the brocade one is so beautiful !

    i love this so much.

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