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Let me introduce you to WristieLove, an online store selling beautiful organic, vintage or repurposed jewellery pieces that have that mix of intrigue and curious design down to a tee. Owner Sana describes her little shop as Your source for Wedding & Everyday Casual Pretty which perfectly sums up her ethos. This lass from California has always been put on edge by over-formality and she’s right you know, I wouldn’t limited these pieces to just your wedding day – in fact I wish I could wear one everyday!

I think anyone can be well dressed and look ‘pretty’ if they OWN their style, casual or not. She told me I specialize in one of a kind accessories and metalwork. This includes etched copper tags, corsages, brooches and bags that feature curious and sometimes quirky design elements. All of my pieces are hand crafted incorporating organic, vintage (eco in its original form) or repurposed materials.

Each piece is even shipped in cute recycled boxes…swoon!

But that’s not all – contest alert! Sana will work with the lucky reader to style a custom clockhand brooch specifically designed for the winner and based on their very own wedding! How awesome is that?! To enter, check out her Etsy store and pick your favourite clockhand brooch. Then comment below saying which is your favourite plus your wedding theme, colour scheme and ideas.

Credit: S.MP NYC

I can do one of a kind custom work based on any piece of mine that they see. It is like adding a hem to your favorite pair of pants for a better fit. And it allows my shoppers to incorporate any color or material they like.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s see those comments. You have until Thursday 15th October to get your entries in and the winner will be announced on Friday 16th.

This contest is now closed


  1. nicole walker

    Strie button clockhand brooch,
    My wedding theme is a Marie Antoinette french styled wedding..As my parents live in France.. It will be dusky pink, Pastel blue, and a pastel(sage) green..
    Im thinking feathers,pearls,ruffles,diamonds and all things french!


  2. Alicyn

    I love the Center Pearl Clockhand Brooch. So cute! Our theme is art deco, with a bit of steampunk thrown in there! Our colors change all the time 🙂 but currently they are gray and purple, with a few brass details here and there!

  3. Priscila Zimmer

    I really like the The Center Pearl Clockhand Brooch.
    I love pearls 🙂 My wedding doesn’t have a especific theme, it’s going to be outside with a lot of trees around. the colors are hot pink and a vivid shade of blue 🙂

  4. Amber

    OoooOOOOo pretty!
    My favorite is the The Mini-Pearl Clockhand Brooch!

    Our wedding “theme” is peacock feathers with dark blue/light blue/grass green/silver as the color scheme.

    I’m having a gal on etsy make my 50s/rockabilly swing dress with LOADS of layers of petticoat underneath in my colors. *so* excited! 😀 Oh and the entire wedding party (including my parents!) are wearing chucks.

    I plan to have lots of decorative bird cages around that will lend a kind of shabby/vintage feel. This brooch would be AWESOME!

  5. Diana

    The Mini-Pearl Button Clockhand Brooch
    I’m getting married on Halloween, definitely our day. We’re both artists, so it was hard to narrow down one theme. It’s more of an all encompassing wedding, representing us in many ways. Pumpkins, Lightsaber replicas, a homemade slapstick silent film (Whoo for Buster Keaton!), and masquerade masks are just some of the things people will see at our wedding. Sounds insane when I write it all down. We’re using Fall colors such as Chocolate Brown, Orange, and Red.

  6. Hands down fave: The Mini-Pearl Clockhand Brooch

    We’re having a vintage-y, David Bowie-inspired, handmade decor, homemade beer, non-gender-specific bridal party, with my sister playing electric guitar as we float down the ol’ aisle, kinda wedding. We’re not really tied down to color – just a bunch of pastels mixed with black, red, peach, and off-white. We want it to look homemade and antique-y, so this brooch would be a fantastic addition. i would use it to pin on my bouquet – i am making my bouquet from scratch out of pins, brooches, handmade t-shirt flowers, newspaper, and whatever else ‘pretty’ i can find. This brooch is stunning and I would be honored to receive it.

  7. I love the The Coat of Arms Clockhand Brooch. It has a spot to clip something onto it. I’m going to carry a locket of my mom and this would be perfect for that. My colors are yellow, black and ivory. Our theme is kind of rock and roll, we’re getting custom guitar pics to spread on the tables instead of rose petals.

  8. I love the one with pearl and button and white tulle. It reminds me of my grandmothere, she has this clock that she loves, but it doesnt tell time anymore, so whenever we go over there we take turns setting the hands to our favorite times 🙂 The theme of the wedding is san francisco classic – held at city hall. I love anything gold.

  9. Melissa

    I love the Copper Eyelet Clockhand Brooch.

    Our theme is Across the Universe, using elements from the Movie and Beatles music. Roof top urban wedding.



  10. Courtney

    I love The Mini-Pearl Clockhand Brooch. We really aren’t “theme” people so we went with black and white as our colors with vintage touches throughout. We hardly have any money to work with (our wedding costs as much as some girls dresses) so we have incorporated a ton of DIY which we totally love because it makes it “us” and have totally taken over the music aspect of the wedding… no electric slide for us! Thanks for this giveaway, my fingers are crossed.

  11. This giveaway is awesome. I really love the Handmade Fringed Mod Corsage and the Knit Button And Antique Lace Earrings. I know they aren’t brooches but they are my favorite items in the store. We don’t really have a theme if I was going to answer this question our theme would be to PARTY! We are having our wedding at the Smog Shoppe in LA and we are just really excited to have a day with our family and friends to celebrate our commitment. Our colors are black and white so everything fits.

  12. nicole

    My favorite is the coat of arms. We are getting married on Halloween. Our theme is High Fashion Meets Heavy Metal with colors being black and white with red accents. Our cake, guest book, my garter and bouquet are all Nightmare Before Christmas themed too! And we are getting married at the Hard Rock Hotel!

  13. kim

    I love the second brooch in the ‘The Five-Thirty Clockwork Collection’. Its gorgeous, such a rad idea,
    Our wedding theme is a eco friendly garden tea party. thinkings greens and yellows with lots of vintage DIY things..
    having so much fun.. my fiance is french so lots of french inspired bits going in there too..
    lots of wedding joy..
    x kim

  14. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

    I like the simple elegance of these brooches. I’d take any of ’em! Sign me up!

    Thanks for this opportunity, Kat and Sana!!

  15. Cait

    I love the Mini-Pearl Clockhand Brooch. We don’t really have a solid wedding theme, I suppose its modern with a touch of vintage, and a touch of goth with our corpse bride wedding toppers. Quite a bit of lace and ribbon – two of my favourite things:) Our colours are blue and black, deep blue and black decor, and my dress is pale blue with black lace and tulle. Also getting married on Halloween.

  16. This is such a tough choice as I adore all of them and would love to win this contest! Our wedding is on December 12th on Cape Cod, so we are going with a vintage Christmas theme given the season and our historical location, as we are getting married in a church from the 1800s and our reception site is an old Cape house as well. We are having a intimate wedding and including lots of vintage and DIY touches. I’ll be wearing a necklace that I had made out of my grandmother’s engagement ring, and I think a brooch would be another great compliment to our wedding theme. I would choose the The Mini-Pearl Clockhand Brooch as our colors are pearl and navy with touches of silver.

  17. I love the Center Pearl Clockhand Brooch! Elegant and interesting ^_^
    We’re going for a vintage teaparty feel, with lots of old bits and pieces around (sewing machine, typewriter, etc), plus origami flowers/cranes, plus cupcakes, a tea bar, a candy bar…with some South African things thrown in!
    Colours are (since my dress is pale green) green, purple and grey.
    The brooch would look lovely pinned in the centre of a white tulle flower or something!

  18. Becca

    I love the coat of arms. I love the vintage appeal to it. I’m doing a hint a vintage for my wedding day. It would be a nice touch to my fiance’s look or even a part of my look.

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