Quirky & Creative

Tyson & Courtney are a quirky and creative couple and so what else would be perfect for their wedding than what full of quirks and creating! The event took place at the house and yards of The Dana Powers House in, where the couple made the day their own with all the personal touches.


Thanks to the lovely Beth for sharing these with me and yes I am waiting to hear who made the dress right now! Fret not…

Credit: Beth Armsheimer Photography


  1. Cassie

    OMG! This is a beautiful wedding! I love the venue so much!!! Why can’t it be in my hometown so my fiance and I can get married there too???

  2. Marla Hill

    I am happy to say that I, Marla Hill The Dress Doctor, made this dress for Courtney’s special day. Courtney brought in her own drawing of this dress.I always start custom made garments with a mock up just to make sure that it all goes together and works the way we want it to. She suggested bows for her shoes. It really made the outfit.. I made a custom garter and a purse from her fabric. I told her that she might out grow the dress but she can always use the purse for keepsakes or jewelry. Her colors were just right for her..That was the BEST part….and she was fun… M


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