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So these things sometimes happen and due to unforeseen circumstances one of our fabulous finalists had to pull out of the running for this contest. Therefore we have a brand new poll and a brand new couple for you too ponder over….vote wisely my friends…

Here we go my darlings, your finalists for the faaaaabulous NYC film shoot contest. As always, the entries have been awesome and made my choices really damn difficult! So here’s the drill – check these gorgeous guys out and vote for your winners on the poll below. The couple with the most number of votes will win a film shoot with the amazing Todd Ritondaro around their favourite spots of the city.

One one vote per person please – let’s keep in clean people. You have until Sunday 23rd August to pick your winners…GO!

Kate & Dan


Our first date was a unique combination of a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and dinner at the crowded Hard Rock Café in Times Square – you have to excuse our touristy bent back then, we were NYC newbies! At that point, moving to the city from Long Island was a dream on the imminent horizon of college graduation. A dream that terrified and thrilled us both, much like our own relationship at first.  We moved in shortly thereafter and began to make a grown-up life together working in showbiz and becoming New Yorkers.

You see, our relationship with each other has always echoed our feelings for New York herself. New York demands that you earn the right to stay here, but in return offers a relationship that matures and deepens from those first star-struck days. You grow with New York. And there are always new things to explore.

Our absolute favorite thing to do together is to sneak in under the ropes closing off Bryant Park after-hours and just lay together in the middle of that big, open lawn and feel the awesomeness of being one with each other and one with such a great city. We love the park so much that we had our engagement tea party catered there beneath the trees.

We were adamant that we had to be married in New York, even though our families are both from opposite ends of the country. New York is home to us, and we want the official and legal start of the rest of our lives together to be right here on this teeming and vibrant island, within the city that both tests and buoys our love each and every day.

Janice & Seanjanice_sean

Sean and I met through my friend’s boyfriend. Our first encounter was at a game at his were we constantly flirting back and fourth on who was the better and trying to one up each other on the bets. We didn’t hook up right away, since I was in a long distance relationship with a musician who worked for Ringling Bros. We spent all summer flirting on myspace and promising to get together, which didn’t happen.

At the end of the summer, I dissolved my relationship with my other boyfriend and was single again. Early September, it was my friend’s boyfriend’s birthday and we were all invited to celebrate at the Pussycat Lounge. I managed to strategically get a seat right next to Sean and we ended up talking and flirting the whole night. Later that evening, Sean went outside to get some air and ended up colliding his head with the curb (later he’ll say that it was my beauty that took his breath away). We all rushed to the hospital and only a handful of us stayed until he was discharged, at about 9:30am.

Despite that fiasco, we still ended up dating. Our first date was The Body Exhibit at the South Street Seaport. After the exhibit, while overlooking the waters towards Brooklyn, we shared our first kiss. Today, we now live together in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. It’s been three years since that first date and now we are talking about the possibility of marriage—and I can’t wait!

Georgina & John


Two and a half years ago, my career gave me the opportunity to become a New Yorker.  Moving from Sydney, Australia to London and finally to the U.S., there were always boyfriends but in a tried and true New York moment, this is where I met my keeper.

We met through Match.com- surprising, yes, but it does indeed work. He was the seasoned “expert” and I was the newcomer.  I guess his perseverance combined with my excellent selection skills were the secret to success.  We had our first date at Sushi Samba in the West Village, on a Thursday.  I had never eaten sushi before and was somewhat scared.  However, I’m always up for a new experience so I accepted.  Turns out I fell in love with him AND sushi.  We’ve had sushi nearly every Thursday since our first date.  We call it Sushi Thursday.  I know, we’re branding geniuses.

We met one month to the day after I arrived in this city.  I fell in love with him and New York all at once.  Since then we moved in together, bought matching green Vespas (which is all shades of embarrassing when we pull up at the lights next to each other) and we adopted a gorgeous puppy.

As for New York, I love this city like it’s a person.  I’ve never felt that way about anywhere – not even my hometown Sydney, Australia.  I know I won’t live here forever so I make the most of every minute that I’m here now.

Voting is now closed


  1. Louisa

    My vote is for Janice & Sean..

    I was there the night they fell in love with each other.

    Sean fell and hit his head and Janice, despite waiting in the emergency all night, fell in all sorts of love with him in her own way.
    A sort of nightingale effect. It was just so romantic & cute.

    A very down to earth tale.

    And Janice, should you not win, brush it off love, popularity always wins out, but sincerity never falters and that’s what you and Sean have, no matter what.


  2. Jamie

    I love Kate and Dan’s passion – in both their relationship with each other and their relationship with the city.

    Plus they’re adorable!

  3. C

    Georgina, John and pup – I love their love for each other and how they are enjoying life in NYC with their matching green vespa and traveling pup.

  4. Linda

    Kate and Dan have such a romantic and beautiful love story, it is modern s well as traditionally old fashion~ best wishes

  5. Jezebel

    I vote for Georgina the Australian girl on the motor scooter and her American dude Johnny. It’s great to see the Australian/American Alliance and bond as strong as ever.

  6. I love the three of them, so it was hard to choose! (I voted though :-)) Love the matching Vespas, the visit to the hospital and the escapes to Bryant Park… Good luck to all.

  7. Sherry

    College kids, both actors, and being able to live in New York City in their own apartment? Hmm…sounds like Mommy and Daddy are helping out a bit.

    I think that couple would be fine without winning this contest. They’re already having enough given to them.

    Go Janice and Sean!

  8. Mandy

    it’s sad that you make so many mean assumptions about people you don’t know. 🙁

    @anon – you’re not very nice either.

    I know kate from her blog and she is anything but pretentious.

  9. LeiLani

    @Anon: How about posting your own name & photo for the whole internet world to see so we can judge YOU based on such limited information? Wow, I’d hate to know what kind of person you are when you’re not sitting at a computer behind an “anonymous” cloak of invisibility. Actually, you’re probably the same kind of snotty brat that is nice to everyone in person and then runs home to bad mouth them behind their backs, huh?

    You know, I voted for Kate & Dan because I “know” them from the blogging world. But I never made assumptions about the other two couples and never would. It’s sad some of the justifications I keep seeing on here for not voting for someone. I can’t help but wonder why Kat (the site owner, I believe) wouldn’t delete these unnecessary comments that could be very hurtful to the contestants. Even saying that you voted for someone because they “looked” like they need it is a very mean thing to say.

  10. mommy & daddy

    Sherry : so for your information Kate and Dan work damn hard to get where they are and have not had mommy and daddy help. They work long hours, 2,3 and sometimes4 jobs and if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t make a comment or an assumption. You have no clue just vote and don’t leave a comment at all. We couldn’t be any prouder than we are of both of them.
    Kate and Dan good luck you deserve it

  11. LeiLani

    Thanks Kat for deleting that comment!

    Okay, I’m going to quit stalking this site. Best of luck to ALL!


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