Retro Italy Wedding

I’m well aware it’s very unlike me to blog so little on a Monday but I have been a bit of a busy bee today. Please forgive me and fret not because Janel & Jim’s ‘retro italian’ wedding is here y’all! (I don’t know where that ‘y’all’ came from either)

The couple continued to rock their awesome kitch/rockabilly style whist still managing to pull of a pretty damn elegant wedding. The dog was of course there being his cutie-pie self and the styling was second to none. From the vintage vespas (again) to the retro suitcase, from the kinky killer heels to the merrygoround – this wedding is one of pure rock n roll class.

Credit: Skye Blu Photography


  1. janel

    thanks for including my hubby and I on your blog! so glad you enjoy the photos – it truly was an amazing day & a super fun event to plan! for the record our little chihuahua is a “she” – her name is Lu Lu and she had as much fun as us!

    we had a lot of our friends help in the planning and acting as “vendors” as well…i am happy to share my sources with anyone in the So-Cal area…..XOXO

  2. One of the best weddings I’ve been to. Everything so beautiful and tasty, right down to the details. Good music, good friends, great fun! LOVE!!!! XOXOXOX


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