Multi-Coloured Tresses

My life as a blogger is a pretty damn busy one. I’m not just saying this for effect, but I get sent so much amazing stuff to post everyday that I almost can’t keep up!

The next post of this early Wednesday morning ( have no clue why I’m up so early, I even drank a whole bottle of wine last night) belongs to one of my brand spanking new sponsors, Stacy Able. As soon as I saw this set I knew she not only had to send it to me for posting but she had to make it the image for her new sponsor link. The multi-coloured tresses, the splattered paint, the cute dog…oh yeah baby my sponsors are the bestest.

Credit: Stacy Able


  1. The picture where she is looking down at the dog and the dog is looking up at her: perfection! This is such a cute, innovative idea for a shoot, love love love it.

  2. Hey, I’m the female model in Stacy’s pictures. I thought that picture with her little dog looking up at me would come out cute. It’s so adorable!


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