Detail Perfect

August 27, 2009

Wow I have a lot (and I mean a hell of a lot!) of wedding awesomeness to share today. I almost don’t know where to start!

With a couple that are both artists (her an Etsy Seller Drink & Dream; him a musician) I wouldn’t expect anything less than a detail-perfect wedding. Photographer Kella described these personal touches to me:

there were canvas welcome bags with the i love nj logo, hand embroidered {by addie} handkerchiefs for her mom and grandfather, a personalized cake topper of the couple and their boston terrier bonnie, delicious shortbread cookies, really fun signage, vintage inspired pendants hanging around the ceremony, and my favorite a gallery style of photos on the wall at the reception featuring family weddings pics! the list goes on and on, but these were my faves! addie wore a glamorous + vintage inspired satin dress from Jenny Packham with, very cool round metallic shoes, lots of sparkly jewelry and sean wore a toffee and orange pinstriped suit with suspenders {loved, loved their overall vintage vibe!}

Thanks for sharing Kella!

Credit: Kella MacPhee Wedding Photography