Pixie Bride

Woah…how gorgeous is this outfit?! Kristen reminds me of a cute little pixie.

Credit: Carina Romano for Love Me Do Photography


  1. Andi

    Wow! Her dress is simply darling! I love the shots as well. my favorite one is where her husband is holding her chin gently!

  2. dena

    Great pictures and great location, that’s Philadelphia’s very own historic bartram’s garden. Such an adorable place.

  3. Bridget

    Kristen is a strong pixie. In a small town outside the US, Kristen built a library amd filled it with books.

  4. kathy

    Kristen is my daughter…how lucky I am. A very close friend of ours, Bridget, created Kristen’s dress out of antique wedding gowns…nine of them…and one of them is the groom’s great grandmother’s wedding slip.
    It took six weeks of hand cutting and sewing, filled with love for a very special bride. Thank you Bridget. for making Kristen’s wedding dress dream come true.


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