Photo Noir

Non-wedding, wedding inspiration can be just as inspiring as the bog standard stuff. For example, the ideas behind this fabulous ‘film noir’ style photo shoot by Emily Porter, could easily be transferred to an absolutely amazing engagement shoot, or even a wedding theme.
Keep the non-wedding submissions coming (no maternity shoots though please, I still can’t being myself to start posting baby-related stuff sorry hehe!)

Credit: Emily Porter Photography


  1. It’s been a long time… and I have a different business name now… but boy oh boy am I excited to have more photos on your amazing website in the next month or two!!!! I’d forgotten how many features I had on here nearly 5 years ago. You’re such a rock star, Kat. You probably don’t even remember me! I’m so pumped to be back on here in a month or two (Marni & James’s Marietta Ohio wedding with the black Vera Wang dress) 🙂


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