International Loving

My biggest blogging secret has got to be flickr. Not only do I get to keep up to date with all my favourite photographer’s work, but it is quite frankly the best place for discovering little known talent, especially people that you don’t see all over the blog-o-sphere. I was blown away by Russian photographer Zaporozhets Sergey’s photography, especially this gorgeous set. Not only is the style of wedding like nothing I’ve seen before, but his photography is so different too..

Speaking of international love, Rock ‘n Roll Bride has today been featured on Spanish blog, Kireei, fantástico!

Credit: Zaporozhets Sergey Photography


  1. Absolutely stunning stuff! I want to know how they get colors so vibrant without affecting skin tones. Fantastic.

  2. Mallory

    Good golly, this stuff is so adorable it makes me want to cry.. they look so happy!


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