Max Cheoul Couture

These Max Cheoul Couture gowns are clearly fabulous and gorgeous (and french so therefore probablly hugely expensive!) but I am just crazy about their amazing promo pictures…what fabulous photography!
Thanks Chanelle

Credit: Max Cheoul Couture


  1. Melissa W.

    That plaid suit is EXACTLY what my man is looking for our rockin’ wedding. Too bad it’s like $3000…which is about $2000 more than what we’re actually spending on the entire affair. *sigh*

    Finding cool guy clothes is hard. 🙁

  2. Post author

    i agree very hard to find. have you looked into getting one made by a local tailor? may be cheaper then you might think?

  3. I wore a couture Max Chaoul gown at my wedding! Im so happy to see people discovering what a creative talent he is. The dresses he designs are breath taking and funky fresh! I have to say, the dress was the best part of my entire wedding. The husband is now gone (Yeah!) But I have this beautiful creation. I would love to figure out how to put it on display! If you like the photos from the post you should look at some of his older work as well. It’s fabulous!


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