1. Caro

    These are my wedding shoes (only mine are the baby blue ones!) So great to see how awesome they look in the whole wedding setting!

  2. Post author

    i knew i’d seen them somewhere before! I cant wait to see your wedding pix..just for those shoes alone hehe

  3. I love them. This is so unusual and would definitely grab any girl’s attention in the wedding. I hope to have a pair!

  4. Caro

    Kat, just saw this and thought I’d let you know… wel they are jelly shoes and not leather, but considering they are Vivienne Westwood, I thought £80 wasn’t too bad.
    Plus they smell sooooo darn good!

  5. Post author

    £80 is not that bad at ALL! oh maaan I wish I had found them before my wedding? Are the comfortable being jelly shoes? i am so excited to see your wedding pix, I know they are gonna be beyond awesome!


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