Hello Kitty Wedding!

I would die a happy blogger if I was able to go to a Hello Kitty themed wedding.  That’s all I have to say…I can’t help but get super excited about this..like a kid in Disneyland I am a Hello Kitty fanatic in wedding-land.


Credit: KBO


  1. OH EM GEE.
    Look at the little Hello Kitty heads on the bride’s skirt!!
    I’m usually really afraid of people in costume, but I’d be willing to hug a life-size Hello Kitty.

  2. Post author

    It’s the only one I could find im afraid, but I figired it was worth sharing on it’s own. i wish there was more! But if you put ‘hello kitty wedding’ or ‘hello kitty party’ into google some others to inspire you will come up.

  3. Steve

    That is interesting but I prefer cinnamoroll to marry me. Is this possible?


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