Brain Freeze

When I have a marathon posting session I occasionally get brain freeze.  I literally can’t think straight enough to write an eloquent or well worded post.  However their are loads of reasons why I adore these images, and it would be too sad to neglect them just because of my own frosty brain.  So I’m going to make it simple for you (or really for myself…)

I love these because of…
Amelia Lyon
The sleeved dress
The red wall
The car
This image

Is that OK?

Credit: Ameila Lyon


  1. It’s just a guess, but I think that shot that is your favorite is extra cool because it is the first glimpse of the new couple. They were married in the temple where no photos are allowed, and they would have been led out of some doors (alone) to greet their friends and family. Very fractured and artistic, I love it!


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