Irreverent and Brilliant

January 28, 2009

Greg Piche has emailed me with an amazing wedding he shot in Santa Rose, California last August.  His photography is so unique – I love it! 

He says of his style: 

“I’m really interested in creating something cinematic, dusty, burnt, old and a bit irreverent.  I realize this is highly against the grain when it comes to wedding photography (most stuff is super saturated, highly glossy, etc.) but that’s just my style.  Because it’s different my style generally self-selects my client base – folks who are typically urban, crafty, and seeking something a bit different from the norm.”

But isn’t that just fabulous?  You know me, I love anything different!  Check out this wonderful wedding and I dare you to tell me these aren’t amazing photographs!

Greg is actually a commercial photographer who is lucky enough to shoot about 15 weddings a year, therefore for him (and his small team) quality defiantly trumps quantity, and doesn’t it show here?

Credit: Greg Piche