And The Bridesmaids Wore White

Who says wearing white to someone elses wedding is a huge faux pas?  I personally wouldn’t have cared if someone showed up in white…as long as they weren’t wearing a wedding dress!  I think these white bridesmaid dresses look just fabulous alongside the Bride in her white wedding dress.  Classy, elegant and chic.

Credit: The Knot


  1. Jerrica

    I absolutly love this Idea. I had thought about it for my wedding too, just a different color around the waist. White with an accent color. My wedding planer didnt like the idea… but I’m the one getting married. Its not bad luck at all, maybe it will even help my bridesmaids find love. Not to mention, the design didnt make any of the girls look fat, which another reason why I was told not to use the color. If white makes you look fat, then why the hell do we wear for our weddings?

  2. Post author

    Aww thats such a shame you were persuaded against the idea! Have you got time to change what you’ve decided on? it makes me mad that a wedding planner would dissuade you against what you really wanted. boo to that!

  3. sansha

    hi my sister id get marreied next yr and wants her bridesmaid to in white too, it’s just different and looks sunning, she love the dresses the girls are in in the above picture would u have any idea where they are from????

  4. Post author

    i think these were vera wang from a few years ago. shop around through im sure you could find some white dresses and add your own black sash!

  5. Irene

    Hi, well, it’s actually interesting cause this is more traditional then one might think =). I found this some time ago and I think it would be nice to share it: “The Western bridesmaid tradition is thought to have originated from Roman Law, which required ten witnesses at a wedding in order to outsmart evil spirits (believed to attend marriage ceremonies) by dressing in identical clothing to the bride and groom, so that the evil spirits would not know who was getting married.” see more on it here =)


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