Our Wedding

The time has come..I’m going to start the huge job of attempting to rebuild the old blog after my genuis skillz at deleted the blogspot site.  The posts will no doubt be briefer than before, as not only has the tempo and direction of Rock n Roll Bride moved on since these old posts but also it’s going to take hella long time – just the best of the best will make the new and improved Rock n Roll Bride!

Let’s start with the stuff surrounding our own wedding, back in April 2008 – shall I re-do the wedding report I wrote?  If you want it I can re-post it as I managed to recover a lot of the text on the old blog.  But right now I’ll just begin with some of our favourite photographs from the day taken by our fabulous wedding photographers English Rose Weddings.

Credit: English Rose Weddings


  1. Kat – this is not at all like i imagined your wedding. (Its beautiful though – love your dress)

    If you were doing it again (or renewing your vows) would you try to recreate it or would you kind of mush lots of the ideas you have blogged about from other weddings into one supercallfraglistic wedding?


  2. I suspected as much lol! Not that i dont love it – but i find it interesting how much people change and grow as they get older.

    I only got married 3 years ago and even though i wouldn’t change it i would do it completely differently now. Maybe a vow renewal at 10 years lol cheers


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