How to Win Friends and Influence People: Social Media

Photography Credit: New York Times on tumblr (via Gala’s Pinterest!)

The late, great Dale Carnegie once wrote, “You will go further in two months by becoming genuinely interested in just two other people than you will in two years trying to get other people interested in you.”

This quote blows my mind. It’s so damn spot on (after writing this article I actually went out and bought the book as I’ve never read the whole thing – I can’t wait to get stuck in!) As a side note, can you believe that it was written in 1936, but it’s still just as relevant today? Amazing!

The section of my workshops and talks where people always seem to ask the most questions is the bit about using social media. People always want to know a) how to get more followers or ‘likers’ and b) what to actually write about so people don’t think they’re a weirdo. Yeah seriously.

So today I thought I’d cobble together a few of my random social media musings into some kind of coherent form for you all…

Despite the rumours, I don’t have a pink sparkly magic wand

(sorry about that)

I’m not sure why, but so often people assume I know what I’m doing. OK, I may have some idea (sometimes) but I certainly don’t have all the answers, nor do I possess some secret magic fairy dust that makes me so much more…erm… ‘followable’.

Quite simply, there is no quick or easy way to get more followers and you don’t get anything in this life for free (or without some hard graft!) This was recently confirmed to me when I discovered that you are actually able to BUY facebook ‘likes’ for your business pages! I didn’t know you could do that…but seriously…how sad.

Trying to ‘get people to follow you’ is the same as trying to force them to like you (in the real life sense, not the facebook sense) If they don’t want to, it just ain’t gonna happen. Go read the Dale Carnegie quote again if you don’t believe me.

Despite my lack of glitter covered magic sticks I am acutely aware that the reason people do follow me is ultimately because they like what I have to say or they like the way I say things. “Well obviously” I hear you cry, “but how do we get people to know that we exist so they follow us and read our whitty repartee in the first place?”

Honestly? I don’t know. I can’t tell you how to be interesting and I can’t tell you how to be you…however you know what? The very best person to tell you the answer to this elusive question is…YOU.

So by this point you’re probably about to start throwing things at me whilst demanding your money back, but bear with me…I might not be able to give you a quick or simple solution but I am able to analyse some of the things I’ve done or noticed in and around this media we call social.

Photography Credit: Artbreak

Don’t be an egg…

At the heart of it, social