1. Aww, well deserved, Kat! You are an inspiration to so many, including me. I love how you promote individuality and help brides plan weddings that portray their personal taste & style…and you KNOW I freakin’ loved your wedding pictures, too! 😉

    Keep up the amazing work you do on your blog…I look forward to keeping in touch! Thanks for the mention here…cheers!

    Jaime 🙂

  2. Post author

    That has got to be one of the loveiest comments i have ever had! if there was a prize for the sweetest comment you would most defiantly win!

  3. Thanks, lady! It was from the heart. 😉 I know how much you pour your heart into your blog, and it shows!

    Have a kick a$$ weekend!!! If you ever decide to jump over that ocean and land in Chicago, we’re having cosmos…lol.

  4. Post author

    Mmm that sounds like something I could never say no to…or if your ever in London we can go for a pint! (or Pink champagne and strawberries!)


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