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Rock n Rollin’, Honky Tonkin’

Max & Michelle had a fabulously rock n rollin’, honky tonkin’, 1950’s stylee wedding in Nashville and Stephanie from La Photographie was there to capture the whole thing. Michelle’s hair, dress and tattoos are just so cooooel!

Credit: La Photographie

Bride Of Frankenstein

Well this ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ wedding is right up my street…the gorgeous gothic details throughout are rock n roll perfection! After deciding their theme, the couple’s first port of call was the photography and decided to go with the fabulous Beth Herzhaft.

The Bride, Sarah, describes their vision, ideas and kick arse attitude…
We wanted our wedding to feel like you just stepped out of a romantic novel (not Jackie Collins and Fabio, but Robert Browning, Edgar Allen Poe and Mary Shelley—hence all the images of the Bride of Frankenstein, and Frankenstein’s Monster)

My gown was an ivory lace mermaid-style Monique Lhuillier.  I chose ivory lace because I wanted everything to look antique.  The black sash and black shoes added to the gothic romantic feel.  The bouquet consisted of dark burgundy flowers–which were as close to black as we could get, and he base was wrapped in black velvet ribbon.  I changed into a white Betsey Johnson party dress, which matched the black Betsey Johnson party dresses my bridesmaid’s wore.  I removed the sash from my gown and then wrapped it around my dress.  


Centrepieces at the reception resembled objects left in a garden which had become overgrown with baby ivy.  Some centrepieces were candelabras, while others were bird cages.  I wanted to have birds inside the birdcages, specifically, crows, but my Mom drew the line there (she sure did a lot of line drawing, which is why my dress wasn’t black).  My grandma made my veil, which was cathedral length ivory tulle, outlined by ivory lace, although I did place a giant burgundy lily in my hair for the reception.  


Images of the Bride of Frankenstein were projected onto the curtains during the ceremony and the aisles were lined by gothic candelabras of different shapes and sizes, so that the ceremony looked like it took place in a dark mission, or gothic cathedral.


John’s socks were black with white skull and cross bones, which matched his black enamel cufflinks with mother of pearl inlay skull and cross bones.  He wore dress shoes and a tux for the ceremony, with a black tie.  For the reception, he changed into black Converses, took off his jacket, loosened his tie and rolled up his sleeves.


First dance was to a Rancid song–couldn’t bear to slow dance to something cheesy, while everyone watched us.  We danced for 30 seconds before we grabbed all of our friends and invited them up to the dance floor with us.


My brother played with the band, “Viva Las Vegas,” “White Wedding” and “Don’t Let me Down,” just after he roasted us–no sentimental toasts here.


Cake, by Rosebud, was made to look like a giant cake topper of the Bride of Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s Monster affectionately gazing into one another’s eyes.  We used a cleaver to cut the cake, or, should I say, to decapitate it.


We had an old-fashioned black and white photo booth.  “Sarah and John’s wedding” was printed between each image on the strip of photos.


Vodka luge was carved to look like the image of the Bride of Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s monster which also appeared on the invitation.


1000 white cranes were scattered throughout the trees in the courtyard where the cocktail hour took place, in honour of John’s Japanese heritage.  John folded each one.


We did a lot of things DIY, including the invitations, menus and escort cards.

How faaaabulous! A huge thank you to Beth for sending these my way (and to Melissa Allen at The Ebell in LA for referring her..I am honoured!)

Credit: Beth Herzhaft Photography

Danny & Dena – The Interview

I have had some amazing responses from you guys about Danny & Dena’s inspirational 1930’s style wedding so I knew you would all want to know more about the couple.  I was lucky enough to interview the pair..enjoy…


Where did you guys meet?  I became a fan by viewing “King Gimp” and felt that I should contact him directly to let him know how inspired I was.  It began with a phone call and had a bit of a communication problem-we followed with emails and he “wowed” me by his long responses (I felt so special and groovy – I later found out it was all cut and paste!!  Even a king has “Trick’s up his sleeve”.
Was there a proposal? It was a day that he became a “Master-of Fine Arts” (After dinner Graduation Party) We invited our friend/family to cocktail hour afterwards. I set up the event like we were on a picnic…(one of my most favourite memories of Danny was a spontaneous sunny day-I took him for a picnic and had a bottle of cheap beer and some sandwiches, he lay in my lap and told me that he had so many dreams of that moment.  I was so surprised how I was able to accomplish that wish and it was so easy.)  I had a picnic basket on the table.  I blindfolded him (he says he can’t close his eyes because of having Cerebral Palsy-I think it’s because he doesn’t like surprises…) I put a OLD MAN’S tie, suspenders and hat- I unveiled him and asked if he would grow old with me.  In his film, it was a pivotal scene where he is lost in his thoughts saying he feels like he will grow old, alone.
You got married on April 1st. Is that a special date to you, was there a particular reason you chose to get married on April Fool’s day!? Two fools in love. Our mission in life, to laugh. Jokesters to the end.
Dena, where were your dresses from? Was it a deliberate decision to have more than one dresses?
We are BIG recyclers and felt that our garments should be just that.  I went to the Goodwill and bought 3 wedding dresses.  Found a woman on Craigslist as a seamstress.  She was disabled and we LOVE to advocate that message…unfortunately, she fell down her stairs a couple weeks before our wedding…yet still had continued to create.  Up until the day of the wedding the dress was completed.  After a certain point, I wasn’t willing to allow this over-take the moment of excitement.  I called Danny at 5:00 p.m. (our wedding was at 6:00p.m) Left him a message:  Daniel, I want to let you know that our garments will not be ready…I started to cry.  I am not crying because I’m upset…it is because I can’t wait to see you at the alter.  Whatever we were dressed in here and now….We will go “As-Is.”  We will be ourselves.  The dress showed up right after the ceremony.  When I saw it, I didn’t want to put it on because I finally felt like it was meant to be this way.  The dress is nothing of what I wanted.  It was what the seamstress wanted.  The truth is, it was a riot. When I put it on, I totally started cracking up because it looked like a “HOT MESS”.  I then thought….you know this is April Fools Day, why not laugh about the experience rather than getting all pissed off.  Danny thoughts:  It’s a fucking parachute.  My thoughts of his garments:  Can you please tell me why in the hell my husband is wearing a prom dress?  The next day, we buried it in the dumpster along with a few flowers to lay it to rest.  It actually the BEST PHOTO of the garments.  Unfortunately, the bride and groom were no where near it. Hahaha.
Can you explain a little about Danny’s condition? Danny has Cerebral Palsy.  He was a 12 pound baby.  The doctor was trying to deliver two babies at once and gave his mother a medication to stop the labouring.  This delay of oxygen gave Danny brain damage.  He actually passed away and a nurse rubbed him…brought him to life.  He often says, “Having Cerebral Palsy is just a part of my personality.”  One might think that he would hold a fierce grudge, considering it was medical error that could have been prevented.  You will never hear him carrying venom…he feels his life has purpose.  I couldn’t agree with that more.
Danny, I have seen your art work everywhere. It is aaamaizng! How did you get into art?High school.  Java is his inspiration.  A private collector once purchased  a piece of work and put between his personal collection :  Mattiesse and Piacasso.  
Your wedding had a 1930’s theme. How did you decide this was the theme you wanted to go for? Is it an era you have always been fascinated with? The Senator Theatre was built in the 1930’s…Danny’s film was premiered there in 2000, they gave him a cemented walk of fame and felt that it brought a lot of magic during a wonderful time in his life.  Everyone dressed the part but more importantly-they had fun seeking their own garments.  It gave reason to giggle when you shopped.
The wheelchair was purchased off of Craigslist.  It was journey picking it up.  The ad read “in New Jersey”…which was a green light for me.  Great…3 hours away…I can do this.  Suddenly I found myself lost and frustrated…ready to give up and called Danny at home to fill him in on my ugly feelings.  With a bit of investigation….he delivered me to the place where I should be.  It took in total 14 hours to retrieve it.  Danny said, “This is a symbol of marriage….just when you get over-whelmed you must continue, never evade”.  He said, “Welcome to the beginning of our life”.  Hahaha.  That wheelchair was like a mother having a child.  The moment you see your beautiful gift, forget it….all the pain is dismissed.
Any vendors you’d like to give a shout out to?  Our “Sugar” Dream Team (MangoRED/Dino Lara/Jason Magbanua) Our photographers from the Philippinesand a restaurant that never waivered the craziest idea of bartering for catering/photography.  They saw Danny’s artwork as an even exchange of their investment of time and financial means.
Any big surprises on the day? Everything from A to Z.  We call it “the conspiracy”. Never know what your going to get…
Would you have done anything differently? Had a private moment alone before the reception.  I wish I would have told him how lucky I felt….perhaps-I did and he read it in my eyes.
Have you ever come up against adversity or bad vibes from people because of your relationship? Ignorance is uncontrolled.  We are in control which is key.
What keeps you going? Patience….it does not come easy, however when it is appreciated-”We feel golden”.
Why would you say you were a ‘rock n roll couple’? We like to play Rock, Scissors and Paper for problem solving.  If he wins, I just roll on him.
You choose some stunning photographers to document your day and flew them all the way from The Philippines. Why did you do this instead of going for some homegrown talent? It all started 3 glasses of wine at midnight goggling “Funky Wedding Photographers”.  Bingo…MangoRED! What sold us was not the photography.  It was the quirky side of their personalities that you read about, only to be followed with fun and unique artistry.  Danny and I had two photographs of each other in 5 years together.   We knew, we met our match. Their excitement was germ like…”spreading”…filling our swollen heads with goodies.  Before you knew it, others became inspired and wanted to come pro-bono.  My Danny has made a beautiful name of himself…It is not the “Academy Award Winning Documentary”…that he will be most known for.  He is triumphant, this is what Randall, Ryan, Joanna, Dino, Florian, Jason and Pang sought for. This “Sugar Dream Team”…-were a part of our journey because they “Believed”…in our story.  Destination, Financial obligation, Time and investment of craftman-ship “was given” as a gift to us.  They are the leaders in the industry of nothing more than being compassionate to their passions.     

We met in the hotel room.  Introductions were exchanged with a victory hug and popping flashes from their cameras.  Once we settled into our comfort zone of a beer in hand…I asked, “Why…Why…(as my throat lumped with joy)  What was your reason why you came for the sake of our love story?  I cry as I write this.  I challenge each reader to find the reason why when you visit their website.  It is discovered amongst the photographs…when you are a viewer.  We are the subject…but that is not what I see.  We see their vision, not us.  The real trick to success is finding the skeleton of the subject.  You follow it to the end.  A photo is a lasting mark.  It is all in how you make that mark.  It is their heart and soul…followed by talent. Our Sugar Dream Team…came upon us after 3 glasses of wine.  The devine cluster was our “serendipity”-a most fortunate accident.

What’s your favourite memory/moment from your wedding day? Why, Serendipity it is!

The Anti-Rock n Roll…

So I’m on Facebook the other day, and my photographer friend Noa’s status is “Heidi & Spencer’s wedding. No, I am not kidding.”  Now I think it’s time for a confession – The Hills is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine…but I can only watch it when Gareth is out of the room as he can’t stand it, so I’m not totally up to date on all the comings and goings or whatever. However this was a rather exciting development.

Turns out Noa was asked by their wedding coordinator, Michelle of Mint Julep & Michael Antonia of The Flash Dance to be there. Now, as rock n roll as Noa is, she was actually chucked out by ‘Speidi’..here is her story

So to cut a very long story short. There was the hired paparazzi photographer, and then there was me. I don’t watch TV and I have never watched The Hills so I had no idea who was there but I just snapped away anyways. I can say that it was totally awesome to meet Perez Hilton (and get a pic snapped with him, see below). He is ultra-sweet. I can also say that the vendors did a really incredible job.

Also, it was so great to finally meet Michael Antonia (The Flash Dance DJ) who is just as nice in person as he has been on the phone & email. And I HAVE to say that YES, he really IS that good of a DJ!! You can see some pics below of Perez Hiltoncutting a mean rug to Michael’s beats! (btw, Perez throws down some badass dance moves!) No wonder The Flash Dance has had such a media frenzy around him lately, the guy totally rules and he had half of Hollywood shaking their asses last night. All the vendors did a phenomenal job! Seriously. Check out the photos below to see flowers, cake etc. Here’s the vendor list:

DJ: Michael Antonia (The Flash Dance)
Coordinator: Michelle, Mint Julep
Venue: Social Hollywood
Florist: Brent Wang of Eggs, Los Angeles
Cake: Sweet Gems

So anyways, Speidi is cutting the cake and all of a sudden they get really upset and they start yelling at me and telling me to give them my CF card and how did I get in, and which magazine do I work for. Ha! They thought I was paparazzi! (This may or may not all end up on The Hills- who knows). Well, then I was asked to delete my photos in front of their photographer so he could watch me do it, and then some very VERY large men started to “remove” me. It was pretty crazy. There was one guy who stopped them and said he would follow me (along with two giant bodyguards) and make sure I left without the whole, like, throw-me-out thing. I think he realized that I was NOT going to sell the photos to some magazine but that I really was just a vendor. I kept saying “but I’m not a paparazzi- I’m an artist!”. The whole thing was seriously hilarious- especially because they thought I was some sleazy photographer who was going to sell their photos… Here I was asked to shoot details and people at this wedding and next thing I know, I was being “escorted out”.

What tools those two are!! Hey but it was worth it right, she got some fabulous photographs!  Even though the couple are clearly fame hungry morons I do have to say their details are beautiful (I think it’s all down to Noa’s gorgeous photography myself) and Heidi does look…nice. Plain but nice.

Enjoy these, and make sure you chuckle to yourself as you do about the ridiculousness of the whole situation!

Credit: Featherlove Photography

Video Star – Star Wars!

I want to share another Jason Magbanua video with you, and I know you’ll be pleased because everyone have been raving about the first video I posted!  Remember the amazing Star Wars wedding, captured by Pat Dy? (I loved it even though some people didn’t!) well Jason was in fact the videographer for this wedding too!

I am loving this. The music is fantastic and the Bride even says ‘come on, let’s rock and roll!’ If this doesn’t make you smile then I seriously don’t know what will!

Ashley this is just for you, you big geek!

Issa and Tiger from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.